Ashley Graham Just Got Her First Vogue Cover

2016 may have been a rocky year for the rest of us, but Ashley Graham’s been killing it.

Just last month, Ashley got her own Barbie doll — the first ever without a thigh gap — and now she’s getting her very first Vogue cover.

What more besides world peace could a girl even want, right?

Wearing natural-ish makeup, a withering stare and a jacket covered in chains, lace and other items you might find in your mother’s craft arsenal, Ashley looks

Also it can’t be a coincidence that they announced their cover the day after the Victoria’s Secret fashion show, can it?

Ashley Graham just so happens to be Vogue UK’s first plus-size cover girl, and in case you were keeping track, VS doesn’t have a single curvy girl among their ranks.

We may be reading too much into things, but we’re calling this some low-key shade.

Check her out when her cover of Vogue UK hits the stands in January.

[H/T Cosmo]

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