Melania’s White House Portrait Looks Like She Used Too Much Facetune

Even though Melania Trump spends about zero hours in the White House a week, she’s still the Flotus, which means she needs to have an official White House portrait that people can gawk at from now until the end of time, which thanks to her husband might be coming up sooner rather than later.

On Monday morning, the White House released her official portrait and it looks like somebody went HAM on Facetune.

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Like if you told me this was actually an ad for airbrushing, I’d nod and say, “Yeah, I believe it.”

And it’d be one thing if this was just a picture Melania posted on her Instagram, but this is going up in the White House.

You’d think she’d want something where her entire face didn’t look blurry, but then again, knowing Melania, she was like, “IDGAF, just do whatever you want Donald, now please let me go back to my busy life of ignoring you in New York.”

But if Trump wanted to lure his wife to the White House with a flattering picture of her, this wasn’t the way to do it.

Sometimes less Facetune is more.

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