Melania Trump Can’t Stop Wearing Mary Kate & Ashley’s Clothes

In a surprising turn of events, Melania Trump actually has one major thing in common with your twelve-year-old self.

She’s obsessed with Mary Kate & Ashley.

Or at least she’s obsessed with wearing Mary Kate & Ashley’s clothes.

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Twice last month, Melania showed her face in public wearing clothing from MK&A’s luxe rich lady fashion line The Row.

First she wore this super white belted coatdress to some female empowerment bs with Trumypoo.

And then she wore basically the same thing, but in red, en route to Palm Springs.

It’s unclear whether the Olsens are gifting these clothes to Melania or whether Flotus is paying for them with the Donald’s bank account, but seeing as practically every American designer has said hell nah to dressing Melania, our money’s on the latter scenario.

Still, fingers crossed.

You never know with rich celebrities.

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[H/T Vogue]

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