Meet 5 Rising Stars of Natural Models LA

You know when you’re looking at your Instagram feed and there are pictures constantly showing up with models who have thighs the size of your wrist and you’re just kind of sitting there like, hmm how come I don’t look like this?

Well I’m hear to tell you that no one has to look like that, not even models. In a world ruled by Photoshop and body shaming, here are five kickass girls here to let you know that embracing yourself for who you are is the best thing you can be.

Here are five models from Natural Models LA who prove you don’t have to fit the cookie-cutter image of a model. You will want to keep an eye on them.

1. Alessandra Garcia


Alessandra is the daughter of Andy Garcia, so we already know it’s in her genes to be talented af. You might recognize her from Vogue Italia, Glamor Italia, Elle France, or featured in a Lane Bryant ad with Ashley Graham.

2. Bree Kish


A former #FrankiesGirl, Bree has a lot of brands fawning over her. Who came blame them? Her perfectly plump lips and mermaid- like hair has me extremely envious. You can spot her modeling for Forever 21, Wet Seal, and Lovesick.

3. Catherine Li


Catherine is a real life girl boss. She is the definition of exotic with her tanned goddess complexion. Not only is she another favorite model of Forever 21, she also runs her own online boutique called Love Yourz.

4. Katie H. Willcox 


On to yet another girl boss. I’m convinced Katie is Kate Upton’s long lost twin, aka she won the gene lottery. If that’s not good enough for you Katie is the co-founder of Natural Models, Healthy is the New Skinny!, and to top it all off she’s coming out with a self love and body image book next year.

5. Kristina Yeo


Another model with luscious locks and envious features,  you may recognize Kristina from the cover of Plus Model Mag, Forever 21 ads, or campaigns where she’s strutting next to Ashley Graham and Jordyn Woods.

Photography by Nikko LaMere, Kimberley Gordon, David Perez, and Bradford Willcox.

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