Medmen took us behind the scenes of the world of cannabis

If you’re one of those ladies who hasn’t mustered up the courage to find your way into a dark and scary AF dispensary (often behind bullet proof doors) because it sounds like an anxiety attack waiting to happen – don’t worry. Just head to a MedMen.

No matter what you are wanting to explore weed for — whether it’s to combat anxiety, insomnia, depression, PMS, inflammation, or just to have a damn good time – MedMen has your back.

Medmen is anything but scary. We talked all about it when they first opened up their NYC location.

This laid back dispensary is known as the “Apple Store of Weed,” and after I saw for my own eyes, I can prove to you that that statement is facts. Medmen sent me to Las Vegas to see the entire process, from manufacturing to consumption, so I saw firsthand how the company handles their business.

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We started in Reno, NV, where this company has its’ own grow facility, and they let us in for a tour like it was the Willy Wonka Factory. This place is def where you wanna get your premium weed from, you know, instead of your ex-boyfriend’s walk-in with the shady water system and flickering LED glow shining under the door.

They showed us just how their weed is grown in a disease-resistant labs with advanced cultivation techniques — some of the growers even used to be lilac farmers — which is way more legit, obvi.

First thing’s first, you’re probably wondering, isn’t this like, illegal? Well, federally speaking, yeah. But, on the state level — many states have passed laws to where you can use the products recreationally, and obviously, with good judgement.

MedMen takes such high precautions about what’s allowed in each state they have stores in, that sometimes the guidelines for their stores are different based on where they are! Most states have rules similar to alcohol, in California — you have to be 21+ in order to buy it recreationally.

I, personally, have had my medical cannabis card since 2012 — and have seen the laws change right before my very eyes! And, like lots of us, I had to start from the bottom, i.e. knowing NOTHING about it other than it possibly helping with my anxiety.

At MedMen — you don’t have to feel like an idiot asking that “budtender” who rolls her eyes at you when you say you don’t know the diff between CBD and THC. This store is all about letting you know not only how they grow things, but what the hell is in them, and what the benefits of each kind are.

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At the lab, we learned the diff between CBD and THC: which is that basically CBD is a non-psychoactive ingredient in cannabis that can be used for pain management and as an anti-inflammatory; and THC is the psychoactive (read: the ingredient that makes you “high”) part that’s a lil’ more intense than CBD.

But basically, if you still don’t understand — don’t be afraid to ask the MedMen peeps!

After our lab tour, we flew to their newest store in Las Vegas, where they unveiled some of their newest product called [statemade] — which is basically super adorably packaged weed products organized by mood/effect. So, let’s say you want something that’ll make you happy? Choose the “joy” pen with the cute millennial pink packaging!

Want something to make you sleep? Try the “zzz” pre-rolls packaged in blue. They’ve basically taken this whole “Apple of weed” stores to another level and color-coded it! So, no more “Girl, what the actual f*ck is Sativa or Indica?!” because now you can just pick your desired mood + desired product and be on your way.

Warning: The millennial pink “joy” is so cute, it just needs a lipgloss and it’s like you visited the Glossier of weed.

I was super excited to try the vapes since I feel like such a pothead carrying around pre-rolls or a grinder and I’m legit afraid my puppy will eat any of the bits I drop. The vape pens themselves basically look like Tom Ford designed them, ‘cause they’re like, really pretty.

After some amazing dinners, brunches, wine, and too much chocolate pie I may or may not have snuck away to the late night show of Magic Mike Live at The Hard Rock Hotel…but I’ll never tell.

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On our last day in Vegas, we got to see the ribbon cutting for the new store and everyone basically went bonkers ordering all the things and reading about all the new products on the nifty iPads dedicated to each product in the store.

I saw one lady who ordered one of each mood/effect of the vape pens — I guess “collect them all” is one way of looking at things? Sometimes the only way of finding what you like it to experiment!

I had tried some of the products carried at MedMen before — I’m down with the Papa and Barkley salve for sore muscles, Lord Jones gummies for a headache, and Lowell Smokes for a classic pre-roll. But after I got back home, I tried the [statemade] zzz pen — and sis hasn’t slept this well since that minor blackout on my birthday a few months ago.

Let’s just say it works and I already have a list made of which [statemade] products I’m trying next. And girl, you should, too.

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