Maliibu Miitch is Not Your Quintessential Rapper

Blasian Bronxnite, Maliibu Miitch is not your quintessential rapper. Her sound is a raw blend of, “No Plan B,” mixed with a plethora of crass unwavering relentless that one would expect from a person who raps rhymes for a living. She is society’s stereotype of a rapper on full blast. Tats. Loud. Vulgar. Unclothed. Filled with clever word play. Off, but on delivery and honesty that is what sets her music apart from artist twice her senior. Maliibu Miitch is a rapper’s rapper, just with model looks, great comedic timing an a presence that is straight from the cosmos.


How do you overcome the roadblocks as a woman in the music industry?
I always believed in standing my ground and speaking my mind. I always applied what I learned in the streets to my career because just like the streets if you’re not on point you’ll get taking advantage of especially if you’re a woman. 

What elements of New York influence you, and how do you nuance it in your music and represent it in your image?
I love embracing my city! I take great pride in being from the South Bronx, HipHop’s birth place. Some of the elements that influence me the most from New York is our raw unfiltered bluntness; it allows me to be my unapologetic self in my music. 

What is your contribution to rap music? What do you want for your audience to take away?

My contribution to rap is bringing back a more authentic old school sound that everyone can vibe with, I love when people older then me tell me they love my music because it reminds them of the rappers they grew up listening to. I want my audience to go through every type of emotion with me like 90s and early 2000s music did for me.


Photography: Kumoshai

Styling: Andre J. Rose

MUA: Penelope Sierra

PR: Josh Levien

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