6 Malibu models share their brand of Cali girl power

California girls are definitely unforgettable, with an easygoing demeanor that can chill anyone out. These six down-to-earth Malibu models embrace what it means to be the modern Cali girl and explain to us what girl power means to them.


Emilia Merkell, 16

LA Models

“Growing up in Malibu means gives me the freedom to have fun all the time without worry. Girl power to me means the freedom to be who I am when I want and that’s how I live my life all the time.”


Olivia Palermo, 17

NEXT Models

“Growing up in Southern California has been an amazing experience, I wouldn’t want to spend my childhood anywhere else. Girl power has allowed me to embrace who I am, and reminds me to do things for myself, not because of what other people want for me.”



Cambrie Schroder, 20


“Growing up in Malibu instilled in me the importance and value of nature. The ocean reminds me how vast our universe is and to never take anything too seriously. Girl power is the ability to dream and then execute your creative visions with no regard to societies limitations”


Faith Schroder, 16


“I am blessed that I have been raised in sunshine and next to the ocean as I love nature and everything that comes with it. To me, girl power is having your voice and opinion whether it’s popular or not.”


Olivia Darin, 15

“Growing up in Malibu was nice because being raised in such a small town allows you to feel close to so many different people. Everyone knows everyone. It’s unusual to leave your house and not see someone you know. Girls are strong! Growing up I was more of a tomboy, and I fit in more with the guys than girls, but I was treated the same as the guys. Even though that is not the case anymore, I still expect to be treated equally as powerful as guys my age now. Girls need to continue to fight for equal treatment because we are just as capable of everything guys can do!”


Ava Dash, 17

DT Model Mgmt

“Growing up in the heart of NYC for 13 years and then Southern California for 4, I have a good sense of balance in my life. I’d say I’m equal parts a product of both my environments. Creative, curious, and strong from NYC and then empathetic, easy going, and happy from Cali. Girl Power is an internal force, it’s not external. For me power comes with intelligence and perseverance.”

Photography: Brent McKeever

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