Turns out actress Lucy Hale is a face mask hoarder

Just about everyone has been a “Pretty Little Liars” stan at some point in life, and that’s how most all of us were introduced to actress Lucy Hale.

Lucy has since moved on from her role as Aria of the show, and is on to bigger and better things – such as her new obsession, face masks. 

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In an interview with Elle, Lucy talks about how her love for face mask actually stems from her times back on the “Pretty Little Liars” set.

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“We would always do face masks in the trailer before our makeup just to be hydrated — and our eye patches, we probably went through hundreds of thousands of eyepatches on that show,” Lucy explains.

As to her current favorite face masks, you can catch Lucy taking a face mask selfie using either Tatcha’s $68 Radiance mask from Sephora, or a bubbly clay mask that you can cop on Amazon for $10.

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“I love popping one of those on on a plane and freaking someone out,” Lucy adds. “I’ve got no shame in that. You should see my face mask drawer at home, it’s kind of crazy.”

We can’t blame Lucy. There’s absolutely nothing better than a good face mask, especially during a long, tiring flight. What’s in your face mask drawer?

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