Rih’s $60 Fenty Beauty Body Oil has an equally amazing $13 dupe

Today Riri dropped her highly anticipated “Body Lava” which is 3oz. and comes in 2 colors, “Brown Sugar” and “Who Needs Clothes?”

The Body Lava first gained traction when Rihanna posted a video of her testing out the glowy, dewey, product and Twitter was obsessed. Rihanna stans everywhere have been waiting for this day.

But, this product is $60. That’s a good chunk of money right there.

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On top of that, we called our local Sephora store and were told that “Brown Sugar” isn’t being sold in store and is online only. “Who Needs Clothes?” is for lighter toned women and is being sold in Sephora stores as well as online. “Brown Sugar” is already sold out online on Fenty Beauty’s website as well as Sephora’s.

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But, don’t worry. We’ve got you covered with a dupe that’s not only $40 cheaper, but it’s also bigger in size and works on all skin tones.

The Body Shop’s Honey Bronze Shimmering Dry Oil is currently on sale for $13.20 and is regularly $20. I’ve used this product personally and on women of various skin tones and it’s literally bomb af.

The ingredients include natural honey, skin conditioner, and various other products. You’ll get a bronzed glow and it won’t transfer all over your clothes because it is a dry oil.

Even if you don’t catch the sale, their website has sales often and even if you pay full price you’re saving $40 even after shipping. Sounds pretty perfect to me!

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