Lucas Castellani Has Mastered The Art Of Fashion

In case you’ve been living under a rock for the past two years, it’s hard to NOT notice Lucas Castellani. The Brazilian born fashionisto has made quite the waves in the fashion industry appearing front row at shows in New York, Milan and Paris and walking Hollywood red carpets with A-Listers by his side. He also closed Naomi Campbell’s Fashion 4 Relief runway show in Qatar alongside the icon herself. The TV Host was the youngest talent in history to headline his own self-titled late night talk show “The Castellani Show” on Fox TV.  We sat down with the budding star to discuss modeling, fashion, philanthropy and what exactly influences his universe. 

Full Look: GUCCI
Shoes: Maison Margiela


Tell us about your love of fashion and how you relate to it?

I love fashion just as much as I love myself, it completes me and it played a huge role in my life when I was figuring out who I was, and it still does play a part when figuring out who I am becoming as I evolve and grow older. Fashion was probably the first way to express myself and to tell a story to the world about who I am. 

How did you get into modeling?

It kind of happened by accident, I got a call from an agent when my blog on MySpace went viral, we started working together and the rest is history… 

What has been one of your most memorable fashion moments?

There are two moments I can’t forget, or even decide between the two. One was in 2017 when I got to meet Karl Lagerfeld at a cocktail event in his private residency in Monaco, and I asked him what fashion meant to him. He brought me into his closet and told me to look at everything in there and pick something, which I did, then he looked at me and said “fashion to me means the experience you just had: To constantly discover something that sparkles your soul” then he told me to keep the piece of clothing I had picked, and I was just blown away by him. Another moment I can’t forget was at the Balmain Show during Paris Fashion Week in 2021, when I met Olivier Rousteing, and he asked if I wanted to smoke. I don’t even smoke but I was so nervous that I took the cigarette and while he was lighting up the cigarette for me the photographers started blasting us with pictures.  The next day it was all over the press, literally all over the world.  That is the most iconic fashion moment I have, not to mention the custom Balmain I was wearing.

You recently walked the runway show for BOSS in Miami along with Pamela Anderson and Candice Swanepoel, how was that experience?

Pamela is such an Icon, and I met her for the first time backstage. Her son, Brandon Thomas Lee, was waking the show right behind me and during rehearsals she would come over to us and give us words of encouragement.  She was such a big mama and a lovely human, I’m obsessed with her. Candice was walking right in front of me, and initially I was so intimidated by that, but since the runway was so wet because the wind and the rain we were vulnerable and scared to fall, so bonded over that  fear, and it was pretty cool to see that even her as one of the most established and powerful models in the industry can still feel nervous or scared during a show.  After all, we are only human and we did an incredible show with the support of the Boss team who are nothing but the best. 

Tell us about your work with the Albino community in Senegal?

Working with the Albino community in Senegal is one of the most fulfilling things I’ve ever done in my life and definitely want to make this part of my life’s legacy. The feeling of helping someone, and interacting with all those amazing people who are so happy even when their resources are so limited, made me incredibly humbled and to value my life and my blessings so much more.  I went to Senegal thinking I was going to help them and ended up being the one who was helped, in a certain way. 

You hosted your own self-titled late night talk show “The Castellani Show” on Fox TV. Can you tell us about that experience and when we can expect another season?

That was one of the most challenging things I’ve ever done in my life. Being the main character of a self-titled talk show in the US when English isn’t even my first language, brought me so many insecurities which I had to overcome every single one of them everyday on set. Another season is something I was offered but I’m not sure I want that responsibility for myself right now, so I’m still thinking about it. Currently I’m attending film school, so time is tight but I definitely want to be back on TV in 2024, whether it’s my own show or on a segment on another Talk Show that suits me. We will see what happens, but just know that I’m not done, I have just started. 

Describe yourself in 4 words

Determined, Loving, Funny and Fierce 

What is your beauty routine?

My beauty routine is quite simple and it consists of a ritual I learned from Dr. Ivo Pitanguy. In the morning I use a moisturizer cream and at night I apply Ivo’s famous mix of Bepanthen which is basically those creams for a baby rash or healing ointment that contains vitamin B5 mixed with a serum of vitamin A, E and D.  This powerful combination will help your skin to heal acne scars and marks as it tightens and rejuvenates your skin. 

What is your zodiac sign? How has this influenced your trajectory as a model/tv host/influencer

I’m a true Aquarius and that helped me so much in my career because we are open to new experiences and trying new things, on top of being brave and adventurous so that definitely helped me a lot. 

Advice you would give to anyone who is trying to break into the industry?

First be yourself, authenticity is highly appreciated in a world where everyone is already taken, and after that have discipline, stay focused and prepare for the opportunity you dream of.  Like Oprah said “Lucky doesn’t really exist it simply is preparation meets opportunity” so make sure you’re ready for the opportunity of your life because it will come, but you have to be ready. 

What can your followers expect from you next in 2023?

Lots of exciting surprises, they know I always have one up my sleeve. 


Talent Lucas Castellani

Photographer Jose Musa

Stylist Lua Montes

Styling Assistant Andrea Gutierrez

Makeup Artist Alejandra Azur

Lighting Assistant Austin Farmer

PA 1 Mia Caballero

PA 2 Allison Kjon

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