LØLØ Bites Back (& Looks Good Doing It)

You can’t be famous without having haters, so alternative pop artist LØLØ showed up to her performance at Slam Dunk in Leeds prepared.

When a liquid-filled cup made its way to the stage in the middle of her set. LØLØ stopped and said, “Are you throwing water at me because I’m hot or because you’re saying it’s bad?”

When a male audience member responded negatively, LØLØ quickly responded, “You look like a guy that’s never gotten his dick sucked in his life.”

She didn’t drop the mic, she continued verbally kicking his ass until she launched into her next track—but damn, she was probably right!

We caught up with LØLØ after her set to talk to her about how she came up with such an epic diss on the spot, toxic relationships, and how she’s spending her hot alt-girl summer. 

LØLØ at Slam Dunk North. Photo by @thatgoodgraphic

I was obsessed with the quip you said to the guy in the crowd who was throwing shit. Does that come with practice or are you just a bad bitch all the time? 

I try to be a bad bitch all the time but actually, if I can’t sleep, I imagine someone throwing a drink at me, because I knew it would come one day. Because I’ve seen videos of Green Day getting shit thrown on them and out of everyone at this festival I’m probably the most pop act, so I was like, “Okay, eventually someone’s gonna be mad at this.” I always thought about that moment so, that’s how I was able to be so quick. I’m just happy it was a guy that threw it at me because I never prepared in my head for a girl, and I was right! 

It’s always a guy! Do you feel like as a woman in the scene you get more haters, or is it just part of being an artist?

It’s definitely part of being an artist, I definitely think that girls have a tougher time, unfortunately. But we kind of just have to work with it, like, you know, I usually just wear a low-cut shirt and that wins the guys over. It sucks but it’s kind of challenging and rewarding to win them over more. You gotta work harder though.

You looked amazing on stage! This skirt! Where do you get your tour outfits?

I get them all over, but this outfit is actually [by] this girl called Prior Waste. She made it for me. I’ve never met her, but she’s in LA selling them at the Silver Lake Market.

A lot of your songs are very relatable to anyone who’s been in a toxic relationship/situationship. Do you feel like your inspiration comes from a culmination of your experiences, or your friends’ experiences, or is it mostly about one relationship?

It’s funny, the other day I was going through all my songs and I was like, “This one’s about this person, ah, so is that one. Ooh, so is that one. Oh god, this is embarrassing.” Cuz I did an acoustic performance and I was telling [the audience] all about it. So a lot of them are about the same person and other ones are about different people. But, I would say my whole discography is about three different people and unfortunately, it’s all me, not my friends. I wish it was about my friends…

Do you feel like when they listen to the songs they know it’s about them?

In the past I’ve sent [the songs] to them before it comes out so they have to know it’s about them—the non-embarrassing ones. I’ve also had different exes thinking something else is about them, so it’s just a shit show.

The new song with Girlfriends is amazing and you guys were great on stage together. Are any other collabs coming up or artists you want to work with in the future?

None coming up, but I would really love to do something with Scene Queen who’s another bad bitch here and a friend. Dream collab would be Green Day obviously, but we’ll see what happens.

And then your other song about the negative voices you have in your head is so relatable. What are some things you do in your own life to try to combat those negative voices and anxiety and all that shit?

Honestly, the number one thing for me is to go outside and go on a walk. I feel like sunshine and outdoor air brings me back to being grounded. And then just calling my mom and spending time with my family. I live in LA now and my family is in Toronto so I have to do the FaceTime, but I’m super close with my family so it always brings me back to being grounded when I talk to them.

So what are your plans after this? Are you going around Europe more?

Yeah, so I actually start my first tour with Sueco tomorrow. The first date on the tour, I mean. So I’m really excited for that and those fans seem insane, so I’m super stoked.

Are there any places you’ll be visiting that either you haven’t been to or you’re really excited to go back to?

Well, London is honestly my favorite city so I’m super stoked—that’s tomorrow. Never been to Austria which we’re going to, never been to the Czech Republic, I think I’ve been to all the other places. Love Germany, love Belgium, so it should be fun.

Anything else coming down the pipeline that fans can get excited for?

I’m working on an album for the first time so I’m really stoked because I’ve only ever put out EPs and smaller projects. So I’m really excited to put out a bigger project because as a fan myself I love the album tracks and listening to the B sides and stuff like that and it’s hard on an EP where you can only put like 4-5 songs and they’re all singles and it’s kinda like “eh.” So I’m excited to put more of a story behind everything.

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