Lola Coca’s Lyrical Guide to F*ckboys

Lola Coca’s sounds can be described as if you took a hip-hop Jessie J, crossed her with Amy Winehouse, and added a dash of Adele — then added in some killer lyrics that are playful, nonchalant, and honest all at the same time.

If you ever wished you had a sassy British Bombshell best friend who would give you advice on your love life, well, Lola Coca is here for you honey — or at least, her new album, “The Only Child” is here for you.

Lola released her newest single “Love Me,” earlier this month, and it already has over a million spins on Spotify. “I don’t know if it’s about getting my own way…I think I just want to be somebody’s everything,” she says.

Since we can all relate to most of Lola’s lyrics, we asked her for some love advice based off some of her best song lyrics.

Check out her tunes here, and then peep your new British BFF’s lyrical guide to dealing with f*ckboys below.

“I don’t know if you know but it’s Lola Coca” — Who is Lola Coca?

A sassy and vulnerable contradiction. Maybe a tiny Muppet-esque spirit animal that lives in every girl. I can kind of be summarized as when Muppet penguins run left to right, then right to left frantically in a Muppets movie, feathers flying.

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“Love songs are for losers baby, and I’ve already lost” — Which love songs are the absolute worst to listen to when you are single or have just broken up with someone? 

I remember bawling for hours to Lana Del Rey’s “National Anthem,” I’m not even sure it’s a love song? But God, it’s so therapeutic. Other than that, when I need a good cry it’s Dinah Washington’s, “Drowned in My Own Tears” or Julie London’s, “How Did He Look?”

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“I’m a bad girlfriend, and I don’t know when your birthday is….” — Have you ever dated a guy and not known something that you feel like you should have known about him, like his birthday or even his eye color?

In short form; no. I know when his birthday is. From the jump. I have to plan ahead, you ain’t gonna see me dancing around a bed post on that day, how ‘bout dat? Also, there are certain signs I just won’t even get involved with. I know, I know… I’m “that girl.”

“Been around the block once or twice. I dream dated you….” — Who is your ultimate dream date and would you be a good girlfriend to him?

I feel I could’ve treated Wes, from How To Get Away with Murder better than Rebecca did? Wow, I’ll show that fictional character a good time!

“You’re a man without a backbone. Even on the cover of GQ, I am never going home with you” — Have you ever been asked out by a super hot guy only to turn him down because you heard he was no good?

I wish I could say I had the self control to be like, “Ladies, no — forget it, rise above it, queen, slay blah blah.” Instead, I relentlessly see the good in people and in turn have made a record off the good for nothing son of…

“If you think I’m so pretty, why am I spending my nights alone?” — I think a lot of people have this same problem, have you ever outright asked anyone this question?

I mean… I try not to ask this question outright as it’s slyly rhetorical — I don’t want to know why! Spare me. Don’t tell me ’cause it hurts.

“Tell me that you love me, or I’m never gonna leave your house.” — Is this based on any actual true life event? Or what inspired this song?

Not sure I’ve managed to string it down to a sentence this polite in the past. It’s just wanting to know where you stand with someone, and if it’s not them being helplessly in love with me, then try again, I’ve got all night.

“Still taking the wheel here, no hands Aye! And I’m my biggest fan” — How do you stay confident in doing your own type of music, since you seem to mix multiple genres? Advice for being your own biggest fan?

I’m like a genre mixing hedgehog. I feel confident about what I’m doing as I know it’s truly mine. I can’t help but get my back up when someone tries to get me to make music that I don’t even listen to. You know? Protect your art and your heart. Be a hedgehog.

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