Literally Every Celebrity Is Wearing Vans Right Now

Vans, like everything else that was cool in the 2000s, are making a comeback.

Seriously, have you noticed recently that in the past couple of weeks Vans have been popping up everywhere?

We first started noticing it when Kim made her first post-robbery public appearance, mostly because the idea of Kim wearing Vans seems incredibly off brand of her.

A few days ago we noticed K Stew was wearing them on a date with St. Vincent. More on brand, but definitely still a trend.

Then we saw Kendall post a picture of her wearing them on Instagram.

late night creep

A photo posted by Kendall (@kendalljenner) on

And yesterday Frank Ocean even wore a pair to the White House.

Like what?

Did we miss the memo that everybody must wear Vans?

Apparently, yes because after a little research we realized that celebs have low key been wearing them all year.

Kylie wore them to Kanye’s Pablo tour in New York City.

Hailey Baldwin wore them to Coachella.

And Gigi Hadid even has her own customized pair.


You heard it here first.

You’re no one if you don’t own Vans right now.


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