Guy Code’s Lisa Ramos Gives 10 Tips For Loving On Yourself

Guy Code’s Lisa Ramos knows a thing or two about dating, but she also knows that self love is the best love. Finding a bae is fun and all, but nothing can trump the relationship you have with yourself. Besides, boos come and go, but you’re stuck with you forever.

ln Lisa Ramos’ new book, Pizza & Chill ;): How to Kinda Sorta Date, she talks break-ups, sexting, and dating red flags. Here’s a sneak peek of her book so you can get a head start on that self love before you worry about all that other sh*t.


Speak to yourself kindly. Say three positive things about yourself out loud. You have more good qualities than you think!


Get into a new television show. It feels good to be entertained by a fictional world for 30 minutes a day, or eight hours a day if you’re binge watching!


Take care of your body. Get some exercise and do your best to eat healthy.


Give yourself some alone time. Read a book at the park, go on a hike, and take photos of beautiful scenery. It’s important to learn to enjoy your own company.


Clean your home/room. You’ll feel so much better if your personal space is clean and in order.


Read books! The best thing you can do is feed and exercise your brain by filling it with knowledge.


Fill your room with things that are pleasing to your senses, like a great scented candle, a lamp with cool lighting, a cozy bed set, a calming playlist, etc.


Eliminate People and things that cause you to feel badly about yourself. Anyone or anything that isn’t having a positive impact on your life needs to go!


Limit your time on social media. It causes insecurity and misplaced envy. It’s normal to compare yourself to others on social media, but we forget that we are seeing highlights of their lives. We should not be jealous of what we don’t actually know!


Make a weekly “To Do” list. You’ll feel great using your time to be productive and accomplishing your short and long term goals.

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