This Lingerie Brand Just Launched A Cute AF Bralette For Bigger Boobs

Having big boobs used to mean that you were the envy of every girl at your middle school, but today it kinda-sorta just means that you can’t wear cute flowy tops without looking like a muffin and you have to buy bikinis with underwire.

It also means that Vogue is being mean to you and trying to claim big boobs are “out.”

As for bralettes? While all your flat-chested friends are prancing around Coachella in cute mesh bralettes with pot leaf pasties, you’re left wondering if you’ll ever find a bralette that actually supports your twinsies.

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Thankfully, cool lingerie brand Lively has an answer. They just launched their Busty Bralette, which is made specifically for girls who wear a 34D through 38DDD.

The bralette features a soft lining and an “inner supportive sling” so that your bits will stay nice and supported without the underwire or padding you’d get in a regular bra. It also features a cute ‘lil mesh lining for some added thotiness.big_boob_bralette_flat_galore

The Busty Bralette, $35, Lively

Also, it’s only $35, which is pretty lit for a bralette you’ll likely wear all summer.

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Sure, it’s no weed pasty bra, but considering the type of bras most companies make for bigger breasts, this is pretty dope.

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