Lily Aldridge’s 6-year-old daughter takes her Huji pics (amazing)

Ah, motherhood. A great return on your investment!

Kids, though – you can’t live with them, can’t live without them. Especially not if they’re your designated IG photographer.

Recently, Lily Aldridge took part in a campaign with New York-based retailer, Rag and Bone, entitled the “DIY Project”, which features a number of other celebrities and influencers including Paris Jackson, Ashley Graham, Mario Testino, and Hailey Baldwin. The project aims to showcase peoples’ “individuality and authenticity” while wearing the brand, according to the site. Below is one of Aldridge’s photos for the campaign:

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A good amount of Aldridge’s featured campaign photos were shot on the Huji App, as shown above. Huji is an app available in the iTunes app store that utilizes photo filters in order to make digital iPhone pics “appear” as though they’re taken on an old disposable film camera. In other words, every “real film photographer”‘s nightmare, which they won’t hesitate to remind you, over and over and over again.

Aldridge faced some backlash when she was featured on the notorious IG page Diet_Prada, which functions as a whistleblower of sorts within the industry. The model was criticized for the fact that the photos she used for the campaign, which many customers were led to believe were taken with a camera, were actually taken on an iPhone via the Huji App:

When you’re beautiful and influential, life only gets easier doesn’t it?  Maybe not always lol, but @lilyaldridge definitely makes a strong case for it with her @hujiofficial filtered campaign for @ragandbone ‘s DIY Project … complete with default timestamp and “random light effects”. The once heralded brand of NY fashion has been having trouble recapturing momentum and maintaining brand loyalty through the retail apocalypse, but when you posit a campaign about “authenticity” shot with real cameras and turn this out, it’s no wonder people are abandoning ship.  Seriously though…who signed off on this?  Did no one on your team know about this app, or did you just not care? Lmao. • #hujicam #huji #hujifilm #app #appstore #camera #instant #lilyaldridge #model #supermodel #ragandbone #nyfashion #nyfw #contemporary #contemporaryfashion #diy #rbdiy #wiwt #ootd #denim #tshirt #zzz #campaign #fashioncampaign #dietprada

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That said, as more influencers and just plain old people are using the app, it’s distinctive features are becoming more recognizable and it’s no longer easy to pass it off as a regular film photos.

The post garnered quite a bit of attention, and got responses from model Gigi Hadid as well as Aldridge herself:

Gigi jumped to her friend’s defense, arguing that having your 6 year-old daughter take your iPhone photos for a campaign is completely fine and/or normal.

The model writes, “My daughter shot this on my phone camera because she loves the Huji app and how it looks.” True.

But Diet Prada didn’t leave Aldridge with the last word, and clarified that their post was aimed at the industry, not at Aldrige herself. While they made it clear they weren’t dumping directly on Aldridge, they did make sure to throw in a bit of shade RE the daughter comment:

“I hope she gets a nice bonus!” That one stung a little, lol.

Regardless of the issue at hand in this case, which is whether or not campaign photos that celebrities are paid to take should be on phone cameras, we completely endorse the notion of children as IG photographers!

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Kourtney Kardashian has openly admitted that her children are responsible for some of her most epic IG moments, and when it comes down to it it really is just the click of a button (OMG I can’t believe I just solved photography, lol). Mario Testino is shaking.

On that note, please enjoy this video which photographer, Amber Asaly, captured on her phone of this magic at work:

i suddenly want a child

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Having children doesn’t sound so crazy, after all.

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