10 of Dua Lipa’s best outfits to copy right now

Dua Lipa is on a roll, and I don’t just mean by way of her music career! Sure, the “New Rules” singer has enjoyed an influx of recent success, including, but not limited to, her recent hit single “One Kiss” featuring Calvin Harris, and her ongoing Self-Titled World Tour.

So yeah, actually, big whoop I guess, we’ve accomplished all of those things, too (jokes, definitely).

Though Dua is unmistakably a musical artist first, she’s also been gaining attention for her fashion choices as of late. The star has been cranking out killer look after killer look, not without the aid of her killer stylist Lorenzo Posocco. And the best part about Dua’s style? It’s the perfect balance of aspirational and attainable. She’ll mix some Gucci with some I.AM.GIA like it ain’t no thing.

The pop star’s style continues to evolve before our eyes, and it seems as though she thrives in the warmer months. So, we’ve decided to take note and bring the best of Dua Lipa’s style to your Summer wardrobe. And don’t worry, you won’t need to cash out on designer goods to achieve these Dua-inspired looks.

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1. A bralette, a button down shirt and some Nike shorts

Summer loving

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This is one of the coolest Summer outfits I’ve seen on her, just because it’s so simple yet so effective: get a bralette from virtually anywhere, steal one of your dads short-sleeve button up shirts, wear it open and throw on some athletic shorts. Who says you have to sacrifice comfort for style? Dua Lipa sure doesn’t.

2. A slip dress and dad shoes

Missin NY

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This slip-dress-and-dad-sneaker ensemble is a classic example of juxtaposition done right. When wearing a silky slip dress, one certainly runs the risk of reading too formal, and when going for the chunky dad sneaker vibe, it can be hard to remain elevated. Luckily, Dua Lipa shows us how to secure the best of both worlds.

3. A hyper-cropped tee and some high-waisted flares

Nyc 💜

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This is another outfit that’s quite simple yet so inexplicably good. Take any old tee of your choice (preferably a cute one that didn’t cost you too much money) and crop it like three to four inches shorter than you normally would: it’s okay, because you’ll be wearing – you guessed it – a very cute bralette underneath it that will unintionally-intentionally be peaking through. A pair of high-waisted flare jeans ties the look together with a surprisingly chic bow.

4. Layer on top of an all-over print bodysuit

Last night of this Asia run. Tokyo 🖤

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This was one of Dua Lipa’s wilder looks, and for that, it’s so classic.

You can find bodysuits like the one Lipa wears here on sites like Motel Rocks, Dolls Kill, and even Amazon or eBay (click the link to shop the bodysuits specifically — I got you).

5. A colored jacket, matching pants and…

💕tokyo 💕

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So, it turns out Dua Lipa has dethroned whomever to become the Queen of Bralettes. It would seem that they’re the common thread in most of her outfits.

This yellow suited number was another hit from her Tokyo trip. Motel Rocks sells really awesome co-ords, but we don’t all have time or money to match our jackets to our pants. That said, we endorse color blocking to the fullest and feel that she would, too. Pair any brightly-colored jacket with some brightly-colored pants and a plain bralette (either white or black) to achieve a similar look.

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6. A bustier + some denim

Made it to the Grand Prix. See you tonight Azerbaijan 🇦🇿 ✨

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Here, Dua’s traded in her bralette for a bustier, which is fine by us— either will do.

Again, it’s fine if you don’t have a denim double-breasted patchwork blazer to perfectly match your denim patchwork pants. Improvisation is key, friends.

As such, any casual Canadian tuxedo looks rad when paired with a semi-feminine bustier. Because again, we love juxtaposition.

7. A fancy skirt suit with some bike shorts

Roaming around. 🌷✨🌷

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I’ve come to the conclusion that Dua’s Tokyo outfits have been her best yet. Her stylist really killed this trip.

This tweed skirt suit, which I assume to be Chanel, looks so relevant when paired with sporty accessories like this headband and these bike shorts. Even if you don’t have a Chanel skirt suit to spare (although I can’t think of anything else to spend money on) a strongly-shouldered blazer (pretend that’s a real adjective), and an A-line skirt of the same color can be easily obtained.

Take those and throw on your favorite Nike bike shorts and plain black headband for an innovative ‘fit that will catch the eye.

8. Just a black vintage tee and your favorite leather jacket

Snip snip

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Or, if you were feeling the simpler route, this black-tee-and-leather-jacket-look has never failed anyone.

Just borrow one of your dad’s old black shirts or find literally any cool black shirt and throw on your trusty go-to leather or vegan leather jacket number. To keep the look Summer-friendly, opt for a lighter jacket and throw on black bike shorts or denim on the bottom.

9. Monochrome + some white AF1s

This was a great one. Whatever your favorite color to wear may be, pick that and go in.

I hope you’ve already copped your Air Force 1s after reading 10 ways to customize your sneakers for the summer. All you need now is some loose-fitting cargos and a matching plain top to go with them. Rock the look with some crisp white sneakers and lowkey socks of your choosing. Bam, done.

10. A peasant top and some cat eye sunglasses


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While we have already decided that Dua Lipa is unequivocally the Queen of Bralettes, she’s also the Princess of cat eye sunglasses.

If you haven’t already noticed, I’ll be the first to inform you that they are also extremely prevalent in her outfits. Cat eyes automatically make a look more interesting and fun with minimal effort.

That said, a pair of cat-eyes paired with a pretty, lightweight peasant top like the one pictured above is already a killer outfit. You could literally wear anything on the bottom without fucking it up, it’s a scientific fact. A denim skirt, denim shorts, fitted pants — try me. You can find tops like the one Dua wears here from places like She In, Are You Am I, Orseund Iris and Reformation.

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11. One more for good luck: a cropped jacket, jeans, and a pant chain

This one’s super easy. If you can’t find a jacket that’s already cropped, just crop one of your favorite denim jackets or button-up tops (carefully and with love, please). Pair it with some high rise pants and a simple pant chain to keep things interesting.

As you can see, these outfits are all easier to emulate than they may initially appear to be. You don’t need a celebrity stylist of your own to achieve these looks. So go ahead and venture into your closet — you may be surprised what you come up with.

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