Leo’s GF Wears Sweatpants on the Plane So F*ckboys Won’t Talk to Her

There’s never a good time or place to find yourself dealing with a fuckboy situation, but being forced to sit next to one for a 30-multiple hour plane ride might be one of the worst ones you could possibly imagine.

Leo’s gf, model Nina Agdal, knows a thing or two about this topic. She flies often and believe it or not, finds herself getting hit on by unwanted men all the time.


Luckily, she’s devised an ingenious solution: she wears sweatpants AND a hoodie.

That’s right ladies, all your exes who ever told you that your matching sweats weren’t doing your body any favors were not lying to you.

Men are repulsed by sweatsuits, as Eva Mendes so dutifully tried to warn us last year when she announced that sweatpants are the #1 cause of divorce.

Nina is living proof that Eva was right.

Her go-to travel outfit, she tells W Magazine, are “track suits. I swear sweatpants and a sweatshirt, and I just try to stay comfortable.”

Although we all know that’s not the real reason she wears them.

When asked who was the worst person she’d ever had to sit next to on a plane, Agdal replied:

“We all have that guy who wants to talk to you and you’re just not that interested. It’s Sunday morning, you’re hungover and you’re wearing your headphones for a reason. And there have been a lot of those. Generally, I act like I’m sleeping. that’s the other good thing about wearing a sweatshirt with a hood. You can just take your hoodie and pull it so no one can see your face.”

So there you go.  Sweatpants and sweatshirts make you invisible to f*ckboys and also ruin every steady relationship you manage to find.

Have a good day.

[H/T W Magazine]

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