Lauren Jauregui Allegedly Said Being in 5H Is Like Being a “Literal Slave”

Yesterday was a bleak day for Fifth Harmony fans.

Camilla Cabello quit the band (possibly at Taylor Swift’s behest) and then an audio file got leaked, and subsequently went viral, of a woman believed to be Lauren Jauregui — the same Fifth Harmony member who got busted for trying to smuggle weed onto an airplane  — complaining that being in Fifth Harmony is like being a “literal slave.”

“They’re making decisions on a regular basis to fuck us over! To make us literal slaves! Literally slaves, Ally,” the woman who’s supposedly Lauren complains to a woman who’s supposedly her bandmate, Ally Hernandez. “We’re doing fucking labor every day and we see nothing!”

“I know, I know,” Ally responds.

Now, to be fair we all say things we don’t mean when we think nobody’s listening, but come on girl.

Being in Fifth Harmony is like being a “literal slave”? I don’t think so.

And even though you may feel like Simon Cowell is overworking you and beating you into submission purely to make himself a profit, it’s just not even remotely the same thing.

Girl, it’s time to get your head in the game.

If Fifth Harmony is gonna pull a Destiny’s Child, you need to get on your A-game or Normani is gonna leave your ass behind.

After all, Destiny’s Child ended up as a trio for a reason.

Watch your back, girl, and honestly, learn how to smuggle your weed onto airplanes like a real stoner.

You’re an embarrassment to the rest of us.

[H/T Cosmopolitan]

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