Lauren Jauregui is sub-headlining Galore’s Girl Cult Fest this weekend

Are you guys coming to Girl Cult Fest? If your answer is yes, then you’re in for one of the best days of your life this Saturday. If your answer is no, buy tickets HERE

Choker: Chanel, Dress: Val Stefani, Gloves: Garo Spark, Shoes: Joyce Echols

The best part about Girl Cult is the huge amount of boss babes that will be performing and paneling all day, including our fabulous and talented sub-headliner and Galore’s newest Cover Girl, Lauren Jauregui.

Our Cover Girl, Lauren, has also guest starred on Girl Cult’s popular podcast (available on iTunes and Spotify HERE). We sat down with Lauren to talk to her about her road to solo artistry, how the world discovered she was bi-sexual, why she believes that everything happens for a reason, and so much more.

Don’t forget that you can come hang with the Galore crew and Lauren IRL at Girl Cult Fest this weekend! Tickets available HERE.

Below is a transcribed snippet of our Girl Cult podcast episode with Lauren! Click HERE to listen to the full episode.

Choker: Chanel, Dress: Val Stefani, Gloves: Garo Spark, Shoes: Joyce Echols

Earrings: Leceil Designs, Necklace: Gabriel New York, Dress: The Blonds, Shoes: Brian Atwood

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Galore (Lexie): Let’s start from the beginning. Where are you from?

Lauren: I’m from Miami, Florida — born and raised!

Lexie: Siblings?

Lauren: Two younger siblings. I’m the oldest of three.

Lexie: Did you go to public school or private school?

Lauren: I went to a boy/girl Catholic school until 6th grade. In 7th-11th grade I went to an all-girl Catholic school, and then I dropped out to start Fifth Harmony.

Lexie: Do you feel like going to an all-girl private school impacted you in any way?

Lauren: Fuck yeah, of course it did. I think every single experience makes you who you are. I gained this crazy insecurity because there are so many girls trying to navigate that social world, which is intense.

But, at the same time, I was raised with a very feminist education. I never felt like just because I was a girl I couldn’t do something. That thought never crossed my mind growing up.

Earrings: Leceil Designs, Necklace: Gabriel New York, Dress: The Blonds, Shoes: Brian Atwood

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Lexie: That’s rad. I wish that for all girls growing up. It’s sad people don’t typically think like that.

Lauren: Yeah! The school was just run by really dope nuns that believed in women! Like, we didn’t even have home ec, cause they were like, you don’t just belong in a house. You can do stuff in a house, but it’s not your priority. We want lawyers, doctors, and creatives.

Lexie: I really love that. So, did you have a first job? Like a barista, babysitter, something like that?

Lauren: No! Honestly I never did anything like that. My first job was working in this industry in Fifth Harmony.

Lexie: That’s SO crazy. Did you always want to be a singer?

Lauren: Yeah! Definitely. And I write music. I always knew I wanted to be a singer and performer. I used to make up dances in my room and make my grandmas watch.

Lexie: Did your mom or grandma sing or songwrite?

Lauren: My dad! He plays drum, piano, and sings. All self-taught. My mom says she used to be in choir but, I don’t know about all that (laughs).

Lexie: Did you take songwriting or singing lessons when you were younger?

Lauren: It was all self-taught. Really I just started taking singing lessons now as a solo-artist.

Lexie: I want to talk about X-Factor. How old were you when you auditioned?

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Lauren: I was 15! I did a cattle-call in North Carolina. It was like 10,000 people and me. There were 3 different rounds. After 3 months (the week before my birthday), I got a call that I was selected!

Lexie: Was X-Factor fun? Stressful?

Lauren: Stressful as fuck. I’m thankful, but I would never do it again (laughs). It was very nerve-wracking, strenuous, barely any rest – it was a lot.

If you would like to listen to the remainder of the interview, please click here to listen to Episode 18 of the Girl Cult podcast, featuring Lauren.

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