If you love the Power Universe as much as I do, you’re probably excited yet in your feelings about the final season of Power Book II: Ghost. This show has taken us on a rollercoaster ride the past few years, and LaToya Tonodeo’s character Diana Tejada, as beautiful as she is, has stressed us out more than once! I got to sit down with LaToya and talk about her final season on the show, her upbringing and everything in between.  


How did you get into the film and tv industry? Tell us your story.  

As a kid, I was always drawn to anything creative. Writing poetry, dancing, drawing, reading products around the house as if I’m filming a commercial…my favorite “mock commercial” was to act like I was doing an ad for Colgate lol.  

My parents noticed and took me to an open casting call. The role asked that you either rap or sing in addition to learning the scene. My mom wrote my “freestyle” and I remember going into the casting office with a ton of other kids. I was so excited and didn’t feel nervous at all. I didn’t book the role, but I had FUN! I’d say it was the first time I knew I was bitten by the “acting bug”.  

From there, I took acting classes and performed at local theaters. But nothing really came of it until I got an agent years later. My agent then referred a couple of managers and then my team was built! It’s been a lot of hard work, dedication, constant learning, and consistency. But it’s a true passion that I’d never give up on.  

What was it like growing up in LA?  

Growing up in LA was dope. It was mostly sunny, I’m right by the beach, I’m connected to the culture, it’s the entertainment capital, and has some of the most diverse food and people. As a kid, my family and I would frequently go to Universal Studios, Magic Mountain, and Knotts. So, I can say we were rarely without something to do. 

You play the character Diana Tejada on “Power Book II: Ghost. Talk to us about your character, what you’ve learned from being on the show and what we can expect from Diana in the upcoming final season.  

Diana Tejada is a vibe, she’s stylish, book and street smart, she doesn’t play about her family, and she’s not afraid to make decisions even if puts her in a “situation”. Stepping into her shoes as an actor has allowed me to leave no crumbs on the table. IYKYK!  

Over the past seasons, she’s definitely evolved. Diana is stepping up within the family and making waves outside of it too.  I want to say Diana is stepping further away from the “soft life” era lol. This season she will be faced with big decisions and will have to put in work.  

I’ve learned to cherish every moment on set with the cast and crew because nothing lasts forever. We definitely had a great run!  

Being a part of this show has been a great experience for me, both professionally and personally. I’m forever grateful to Courtney, 50, and all the producers who are a part of Ghost.  

You have a love for various philanthropic efforts from providing support for the unhoused community and advocating for mental health awareness. When did you start giving back in this way and what do you hope to do in the future?  

I was always raised to give back. So, the choice to be philanthropic was an easy one. Anyone from LA or who lives in LA, knows there’s so much homelessness in many different areas within the city and it’s increased since COVID. I feel we have become so numb to seeing unhoused women, children, and men on the street. It should never be normalized in our society to see other human beings without a home. 

That definitely pushed me to volunteer at food drives, make bags with sanitary supplies for unhoused women, children, and men, and supporting organizations that help raise money to house those in need. It’s a cause that I support now and will continue to support in the future.  

Mental health awareness is also close to my heart. I know people who are “strong” on the outside but have opened up about feeling really low. If they never said anything, I wouldn’t have ever known. I’m sure we’ve all felt like that at some point on some level. So, I believe it’s important to let others know that they aren’t alone, we all face challenges, highs and sometimes a lot of lows, but there are people who can help you through. It’s okay to ask for help, which can be really hard to do.  

From your social media you can tell you have a love for working out and having an overall healthy lifestyle. Can you talk to us about your fitness journey over the years? What advice do you have for anyone struggling with working out?  

I really enjoy working out. Especially when I start seeing results. For my body type, I focus on toning and tightening. But honestly, my fitness journey wasn’t as consistent in the past as it is now. I’ve finally got to a place where I work out at least 4-5days out of the week (when I’m not filming). I love to eat so I don’t do any special “dieting” per se. I’m just mindful of what I eat.  

My advice to anyone who is struggling with working out is to just move at your own pace. Don’t let other people or social media force you to feel pressure to look a certain way. Do what feels good to YOU. The hardest part is “getting started”. I know that struggle because I drive an hour away to my gym… but once you set a goal that works for you, it’s worth it in the end.  

What is your dream role to play? 

I’d love to play a Superhero. I know it comes with a lot of stunts, but I’m ready for it. I’d also love to play a dual character role like Edward Norton in Primal Fear. The layers, complexity, and weight he had to carry for that role was so inspiring. But overall, my dream role is a role that is multi-dimensional, layered, has depth, emotional range, challenging, and more than just surface traits. 

You wear various hairstyles from a natural fro to various protective styles like braids. What are your favorite hairstyles to rock?  

Right now, my favorite hairstyle is Goddess Braids because it’s free-flowing and easy. I don’t have to spend any time on my hair. Honestly, I prefer to give my hair a rest when I’m not filming. So, any style that is low manipulation is definitely a good choice for me. 

When you’re not on set, what are some things you’re doing for fun?  

When I’m not on set, I try to keep it easy and relax/rest. Besides that, I love doing a little retail therapy because I love fashion. I also love going to brunch or dinner with friends, spending time with family, catching a movie, watching good tv, and doing a beach or spa day. #softlife lol 

Outside of the Power Universe, what do you have planned for the rest of 2024?  

I’m currently in the process of developing my own project. A topic that has been very important to me for a while. I’m excited to finish it and see what comes of it. It’s in the early stage of development, but I’m really enjoying the creative process.   


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