“Late nights for me, and my darlings and my dawgs” Duchi Da Vinchi releases his new single “6am”

The Pittsburgh-raised musician, Duchi Da Vinchi, has a visionary approach to his music, intersecting music and fashion to create a dynamic, irresistible package that appeals to all. Based somewhere between New York City, Los Angeles, and Mars, the tastemaker has been busy preparing for his inevitable rocketship to fame and success. Duchi’s inspiration comes directly from the people he surrounds himself with, working in an open, collaborative way. His hit single, “Lonely Fuck” featuring Asian Doll has been covered extensively in the media i.e., The Hype, Flaunt, and Grid magazine. The track, produced by Kids of the Forest, is a classic diss song, dedicated to all the toxic people and clout chasers around the globe with a magnetic bassline paired with Duchi’s killer, hard-hitting delivery. He’s already shared the stage with the likes of Tyga, Jhene Aiko, MadeinTYO, & Dani Leigh, and has become pals with Billie Eilish. Duchi is now actively working towards creating killer new tracks, while seeking out new collaborations that compliment his distinct point-of-view. We virtually interviewed Duchi Da Vinchi on his new single “6am,” spirituality, the quarantine period and representation.

Galore: What is the inspiration behind your song 6am?

The inspiration for 6AM pretty much comes from the fast life that many of us experience within the modeling/music industry. Many of my nights end at 6AM after the studio or an event. Eventually, I’ll get tired of that life and want to settle down, but until then, it’s late nights for me, and my darlings and my dawgs (lyrics from the song, haha)!

Galore: In what ways is music a means for practicing your spirituality?

Music is my outlet! It really helps me tap into my inner self and reflect. A lot of what we talk about in these songs is heavy stuff – sex, drugs, rock & roll, etc. and as mentioned earlier, it’s a lot of late nights, but if I’ve got something on my mind, or if I’m in my feelings, making music is my escape. Spirituality is tough to describe, but making music gives me that inner peace, which is spiritual in and of itself.

Galore: How did the quarantine period impact you as an artist?

Man, it’s been rough, for everyone. It’s made me take a step back and realize what is most important – friends, family, health. Health is the new wealth. Not just physical, but mental as well. We took being able to eat outside at a restaurant with friends, or go to a studio session for granted. I’ll never take these small things for granted again. As an up & coming artist, releasing music during a pandemic, it’s been tough. I loved performing and even though I don’t have millions of listeners YET, I’m still able to pull a big crowd for live shows in LA, NYC, and my hometown Pittsburgh, but we can’t do live shows now, so you gotta think creatively and differently than if life was normal. For example, in order to spread awareness on my last song Might Crash, we created 4 highlight videos with my song in the background. We chose Nyjah Huston, OBJ, Bronny (Lebron’s star highschool son), and Messi as the 4 athletes because each are the best in their respective sport, but sports are also now at the intersection of music, fashion, etc. We were able to land these videos on some BIG IG pages. The goal is to have fans tag the athlete whose highlight video they like best. Hopefully, the athletes will see it and repost! It gets the fans involved, it puts the song in a different “view” than just listening to it, and the song is a fire choice for a highlight video. Ideally, it becomes the highlight video song for any age group and plants seeds in curators minds for ESPN, video games, etc. Which video do you think is best? Here is the link https://www.instagram.com/p/CH08WyuJeLt/

Galore: Why is representation important? What do you aim to represent to others in and outside of your community?

Representation is important because it helps me filter through a lot of the bullshit and focus on what is most important. At the end of the day, to be successful, you need a team/community that you can depend on, and they should be able to depend on me as well. If we are all working and executing, there is no stopping us. My goal is to inspire others. This is not an easy career path. I take everything I do very personally, but you can’t please everyone, which will always be a tough pill to swallow, but if I can inspire others to chase their dreams and be kind while doing so, then hopefully me and my team/community are doing their jobs.

Galore: Apart from music, what other projects are you working on, or are hoping to manifest /put into fruition?

I’d really like to get more into fashion. Runway shows, endorsements, start my own line, start a nonprofit for young black kids who want to pave their way in the creative space, etc. A lot of this will come in time, but I believe my agents/team at CommunityNYC are working on the fashion stuff behind the scenes, so sooner than later you’ll be seeing this face in magazines, billboards, etc. (haha) I did want to say that I love what Galore does – the people you cover, the overall ethos, etc. I appreciate you guys and look forward to doing this again in the future. Hopefully in person next time! – Duchi Da Vinchi


Interview conducted by Shirley Reynozo

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