Dove Cameron Hosted Galore’s Annual Young Hot Hollywood Party Last Night

Last night we had our Young Hot Hollywood Party at Verlaine LA, where everyone from Alli Simpson to Jhene Aiko were in attendance.

Tons of other young Hollywood hotties popped in for the event, including Serayah, our “Riverdale” fave Madelaine Petsch, and of course, our covergirl Dove Cameron. Alie Teilz and Uncle Jxm from Rae Sremmurd DJed while guests sipped on our signature drinks from Stillhouse whiskey–which legit tasted like mint chocolate chip ice cream. It was bomb. A splash of Sprig Soda on top kept things groovy.

Scroll to see exclusive interviews with the starlets on how young Hollywood can change the world – just don’t get too much FOMO.

“Young Hollywood is definitely changing the world because young people are where the power is – we have all the new ideas and we’re changing the game. I love our generation.” – Dove Cameron

“Young Hollywood will change the world as we make our voices heard.” – Christina Milian

“It’s important for Young Hollywood to voice our opinions so that we can be role models and help change & break stereotypes.” – Hannah Bronfman

“Young Hollywood is the future. It’s important that we set the tone and change the world. It’s up to us now!” – Ryan Destiny

“Young Hollywood is proving that it’s totally okay for girls to be independent. On our show, “Riverdale,” we are all independent women!” – Madelaine Petsch

“Us young people need to stay together and encourage each other every step of the way.” – Serayah

“I’m out here to tell you that Young Hollywood has a lot of say and influence on young people – so use your platform! Young people are the future!” – Barbie Nox

“Young people should take advantage of social media and use it as a platform to share a message of love.” – Kiersey

“As young women in Hollywood, it’s important to use our platforms to speak up for what’s not right & what you believe in and never give up.” – Bella Harris & Ava Dash

“If we follow our dreams, we can change the world.” – Larsen Thompson

“As a singer-songwriter, it’s important for young people to be vocal about their feelings and prevalent issues.” – Tatiana Hazel

“It’s important for young people to change the world because it’s our job!” – Quin

Thanks Fancy for helping us throw such an amazing party!

Photos by Maddie Cordoba 

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