Lana Del Rey’s New Track “Love” Is Here

Yesterday, we reported that a bunch of movie-esque posters mysteriously popped up all over LA for what appeared to be a new short film or music video from Lana Del Rey for a project called “Love.”

Well now we know what the posters were actually for: a powerful new single called “Love,” and it’s about her fans.

A video still might be released for “Love,” which is the first single off her new album. We still don’t know the name of the album, but the posters were very revealing of the aesthetic that Lana is moving towards. They depicted a pickup truck flying over the moon, and a couple of vintage cars parked out in the middle of the desert. Lana stands at a microphone, and has daisies in her hair.

Not quite sure yet what to call this new era, but it likely concerns Lana’s fascination with intergalactic possibilities and flower power.

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After discovering the posters, we assumed we at least had another week or so before actually getting to hear the song, but after an unexpected leak, Lana and her team decided to go ahead and release it.

She’s not upset about the leak, though. Lana commented on her own post on Instagram, saying it’s okay “because it really does come down to love and the intentions behind the music. That’s why this is a perfect first single, because this one if for you and I luv you.”

And we love her so much!

Despite the rushed release of the song, we are so glad that we finally have it because it’s so gorgeous and personal. It’s an ode to her fans. She’s essentially giving us advice, starting the song off with: “Look at you kids with your vintage music / Comin’ through satellites while cruisin’ / You’re part of the past, but now you’re the future / Signals crossing can get confusing.”

Her fans love her because Lana teeters on that line between the nostalgic and the futuristic. We love the things that remind us of the past, like vintage music and vinyl. Then she sings “You get all ready, you get all dressed up / Goin’ nowhere in particular.”

Lana is recognizing that we’re all in limbo between craving the past and desiring the technology of the future, like with social media which makes everything seem so much more confusing and superficial. We get dressed up just to get dressed up nowadays.

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She’s always been the one telling us that it’s okay to be reminiscent or sad about the past, but even then, Lana says you shouldn’t abuse this sadness. It’s okay to be anxious about the future or sad about the past because if we have love, then that’s all we need. “It’s enough to be young and in love,” she sings.

But even then, she says, “it’s enough to just make you feel crazy.” She switches the pronouns at the end from “you” to “I”, basically telling us that she goes through the same things we do.

And considering that she’s known to be super elusive on social media, it only makes sense that she says, “It doesn’t matter if I’m not enough / For the future or the things to come,” because she’s in love.

Listen to the stunning track below.

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