Laguna Beach’s LC and Kristin Aren’t Fighting Anymore

Back in the 2000s, your entire personal brand rested on one thing: whether you were Team Lauren or Team Kristin.

Maybe you just updated your AIM profile to state your loyalty. Or maybe went all the way and bought a Team [Name] tee from Hollister, you definitely had a preference. If you were Team Lauren, you were popular, but basic and dull. And if you were Team Kristin, you were also popular, but more badass and also maybe just a tad too much.

But now, all these years after Laguna Beach and its spinoffs have come to a close, it appears Lauren and Kristin have buried the hatchet.

In an interview with Page Six, Kristin had this to say about her arch nemesis:

“I haven’t seen or spoken to her in a while, but if I saw her I would give her a big hug.”


We already miss the days when Kristin and LC weren’t flat-out brawling, but were still throwing low-grade shade at each other, like in 2010 when Us Weekly ran the story “Lauren Conrad Compliments New Mom Kristin Cavallari’s Rapid Weight Loss.”

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