Here’s What All The Laguna Beach Cast Members You Forgot About Are Up To Now

It’s hard to believe that it’s been 10 years since Laguna Beach stole our hearts, but it has and if that doesn’t make you feel old, it’s probably because you’re still in your 20s and have a good perspective on life.

While Lauren Conrad and Kristen Cavallari have stayed in the national spotlight, none of their other costars have been quite as fortunate, with the slight exception of Jason Wahler and Lo Bowsworth, who managed to sneak their way onto The Hills, but still.

Well, all those cast members you’ve low key forgotten about recently caught up with E! to spill all the dirty deets on what they’re up to now and how much their lives have changed.

SPOILER ALERT: None of the deets are all that dirty. In fact, a lot of them have gotten boring AF. Still, here’s what they’re up to.

Trey Philips


Trey recently graduated from Parsons and is currently designing for Vera Wang’s ready-to-wear collection. Also, he still hangs out with his Laguna Beach bros all the time, and as we’ve previously reported, they all look hella old now.

Human gem. Happy Birthday, Trey.

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Taylor Cole


Taylor is married – Alex and Morgan were in her wedding and they’re obviously still besties – and runs a photography company called Taylor Cole Photography in Costa Mesa, California. The company specializes in taking pictures of weddings/engagements and babes in bikinis.

Stephen Colletti


Stephen is still hot, still BFFs with all his bros, and still slogging away at his acting career.

Bumblebee tuna.

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Alex Murrel Johnson


Alex Murrel really likes flower crowns, she’s pregnant and she’s the co-founder of Mox Agency, a graphic design/brand management/marketing/web development agency. We’re not really sure what they do, but it may or may not include the Kardashian/Jenner fam.

Too many tacos? 😜 #26weeks #BabyJ

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Loren Polster


Loren is currently focused on launching with his best Laguna Beach bro Dieter Schmidt, and in his downtime, you can find him stockpiling really weird Christmas presents that he swears are for his friends.

Christina Schuller Sinclair


Christina is married with an adorable two-year-old boy and also may or may not be one of the bad bitches up at Equinox that Kanye was talking about on TLOP. But no really, she teaches fitness classes at Equinox, so it’s a possibility.

Oh, and she also has a blog where she’ll teach you everything from how to make a healthy birthday cake for your two-year-old son (no sugar, dairy, or gluten) to how to give yourself a kick ass foot massage with just a tennis ball.

Best day ever #thisisthirty

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Dieter Schmitz


Dieter is currently working with his best bro on launching a website none of us will ever go to, managing EVEN Hotel in Times Square South and is busy being engaged to a wonderful woman.

Morgan Smith


Morgan designs really cute swimwear for children and is currently pregnant with her second child.

No stopping this boy, especially not for a photo 🚫📷 🍓

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Jason Wahler


You may not know this, but Jason was an addict back in his Laguna Beach Days.

“I was like, ‘Oh it’s normal. Everyone gets arrested 10 times you know?” Jason told E!. “But I was able to justify a lot of it because addiction is a disease of denial and I couldn’t get out of it.”

But don’t even worry about it because after appearing on Celebrity Rehab, he’s been sober for 6 years. He’s also been married for 3 years and is about to launch his own website, which we’re pretty sure will be a lifestyle blog that follows his sober, but still kick ass bro adventures. We could be wrong, but take a look through his Insta and see if you don’t see where we’re coming from.

We have arrived!!!

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Talan Torriero

Talan is married, super into DJ Khaled, and owns a Smart Watch company, or makes them or something. His Instagram is very boring.

#makingithappen 🎅🏼

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Lo Bowsowrth

Lo Bosworth has her own blog called “Lady Lovin’” and she’s really passionate about wanting to make every woman’s vagina a paradise.

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