Laguna Beach’s Lo Bosworth Really Wants You To Make Your Vagina A Paradise

Like most former teenage girls, Lo Bosworth has grown up to understand there’s more to life than beach, boys and booze.

There are also vaginas.

This week on “Lady Lovin’,’” Lo’s embarrassingly named podcast, she talked about vagina probiotics, which are just like regular probiotics only they’re for your vagina.

Specifically, Lo talked about one vagina probiotic called Fem-Dophilus, which you can buy at exotic locations like Whole Foods and Amazon, and just so happens to have the ability to turn your vagina into a paradise.

Behold it in all its splendor:


According to Lo, turning your vagina into a paradise is really very simple:

“You can take it orally or you can just like, shove one up in there and it just like, creates this amazing vagina paradise of the right PH.”

But there is a dark side:

“On Amazon, all of these reviews are like, ‘It got rid of a yeast infection I’ve had for seven years.”

Seems pretty touch-and-go.

Next time you think about complaining over your vaginal struggles, think about that woman with the seven-year yeast infection, shed a tear, say a prayer and count your blessings because YOUR STRUGGLES ARE “FIRST WORLD PROBLEMS” LEVEL SO SHUT UP. 

And just think, all this can be yours for the low, low cost of $22.24.

Dreams really do come true.

[H/T Elite Daily]

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