[EXCLUSIVE] Kyra Kennedy Makes Her Editorial Debut in Just Drew

Andrew Warren is the designer behind Just Drew clothing and leader of what the New York Times recently dubbed “The Snap Pack,” a group of young New York socialites, which also includes Andrew’s best friend and so-called muse, Kyra Kennedy. Kyra is the daughter of Robert F. Kennedy Jr, and at the age of twenty, has already become a media fixture, some in part to public shenanigans, but when I met her, one cold March day in New York, she just seemed painfully shy.

“I have a lot of social anxiety,” she told me, a complete stranger. “Meeting people is hard.”

Social anxiety is something you’ll hear about often when hanging around “The Snap Pack,” because regardless of what any Instagram following has collectively decided, the truth is that most of them are hovering around 21 years old, still trying to figure out who they are in the world. This might be one reason Kyra rarely chooses to speak with the media. With so many people watching, it would be hard for anyone.

Andrew Warren, in many ways, is probably the leader because he’s already figured it out, and credits his family and friends for much of his ability to work towards his ambitions. He designs Just Drew for the girls who, like Kyra, inspire him. Read what he told us about his relationship with Kyra, who rocks Just Drew for a spread of photos shot by Alana O’Herlihy, below.

You say Kyra’s your muse. What does “muse” mean to you?

I think it’s a woman who inspires you, and helps you draw from a different type of relationship or love. I’ve always admired Andy Warhol, and our other friends have even joked that Kyra is the Edie Sedgwick to my Andy Warhol. There were a lot of different girls he had as muses. Kyra brings that kind of thing to my fashion.  

How did you two meet?

We were introduced by a friend at a party in Aspen. She introduced herself to me so properly that I actually laughed to myself, and decided to give her the nickname Viv. If you’ve ever seen Legally Blonde, she reminded me of what Vivian looked like when you first see her in the movie. At closing time, we went back to my hotel room and basically ordered the whole menu, like peanut butter and jelly sandwiches, french fries, and pasta. We ate all of it. That’s our love at first site story. After that we just became best friends. From about January to May, Kyra slept over almost every night. We didn’t really go anywhere without each other. 

And how has she influenced your work?

In so many ways. She was there throughout the entire process of me designing my last collection. She’d come to the office and give me her input. We have sleepovers a lot, so we’d wake up and go together. She’s also someone I can bring to a dinner with anyone. She adapts to her surroundings and works it, giving everyone a chance. She always finds a way to get what she wants, so if we’re meeting with a store, or I’m trying to get someone to come to my fashion show, let’s just say… she’ll figure out a way to pull a rabbit out of a hat. 

Why did you decided to cast your friends in your debut fashion show?

I created my line with my friends in mind. I always wanted to create things that all of my friends would wear, regardless of style or body type. It was just second nature to have my friends walk my show. Besides, with all the same models being used over and over, I thought it’d be refreshing to use “real” girls instead.

Who is the Just Drew girl, aside from your friends?

The Just Drew girl is the girl who looks cool no matter what she throws on. She always looks like she threw on the first thing she saw, all while still managing to look perfect. She doesn’t put too much thought into her outfits, and she likes to wear things that can be styled no matter what the occasion. My blazers can be worn to work with pants and then thrown on over a dress. 

Why the name Just Drew?

My brand originated as a capsule tee shirt line with a friend, and we went by the name Sam & Drew. When I decided to make a collection on my own, a friend jokingly said that it should be called Just Drew, and it stuck.

What can we expect at your next show?

I’m just hoping that people will see how serious I am about my line, and that it was hard work — my life isn’t always a party. I want journalists to write about my clothing line, and not just my Instagram. I’ve turned down a number of major publications because all they’d want to talk about is my Instagram, or because they’d tell me the story would be about one thing, and then change the story to focus on my Instagram. On a different note, I’m so happy my best friends and family are all a part of this with me; it’s great to feel like I’m not alone with Just Drew, despite the name [laughing]. 

And lastly, what’s something about your relationship with Kyra, or about Kyra, that people wouldn’t expect?

I love her sense of humor. She thinks everything’s hilarious and is always trying to prank people. We both can never be that serious, which is an issue. She’ll start saying ridiculous stuff to a stranger on the street just because she loves to make me uncomfortable. One time she was in Miami, and none of our friends were with her, and she was trying to ditch plans with this guy. She told him she’d been in a golf carting accident and ran over a flamingo [laughing]. The guy ended up calling all of our friends. We were super concerned because we thought she’d been in a serious accident. She didn’t tell us until like 5 months later that she made it up. We were like Kyra, really? A flamingo?



Photos by Alana O’Herlihy

Those of you who aren’t following Andrew Warren on Instagram should really do so right now. And follow Just Drew here. 

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