Kylie Jenner Might Be Trying to Tell Us Tyga Cheated On Her

So we may have been wrong when we told you why Kylie Jenner and Tyga broke up.

We heard she dumped him because she wants to  “jet set” and he wants to try and become a successful rapper someday, but now it looks like Kylie is trying to tell us she dumped Tyga because he cheated on her. 

The proof is written all over her Snapchat. 

 It all started with a blonde wig, a bunch of curlers, a pair of oversized pink sunglasses and a green face mask, as Kylie mouthed along to Beyoncé’s song about rage, resentment and feeling worthless in light of a partner’s infidelities, “Hold Up.”   

A couple minutes later, Kylie let the very incriminating words to Russ’ “Losin Control” speak for her heart. 

And let’s just say her heart is very explicit about what kind of shit went down.

She’s falling in love now, losin‘ control now
Fighting the truth, trying to hide now
Should’ve ended it before it started
All she ever got was brokenhearted
He was cheating on her, tryna flip it back on her like a victim.”

Of course, the fact that Kylie lip-synched to two songs about being cheated on back to back could just be a big coincidence, but then again, it’s probably not.

Think back to the last time you turned to the healing power of music to help you get over your last breakup — was there anything accidental about your choice of songs? 

Plus it’s not exactly like this is the first we’ve ever heard of Tyga’s alleged infidelities

Take it with a grain of salt if you must, but we’re trusting Kylie on this one. 

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