The Teen Model Tyga DM’ed Is Demanding an Apology

After OK! Magazine reported that Tyga and Kylie Jenner broke up last week because he was caught “texting an underage model,” a 14-year-old girl named Molly O’Malia has come forward to say she was that model — and she’s not happy with the way OK! handled the story.

In fact, Molly is so incensed by the story’s effect on her life that she’s retained Gloria Allred, the civil rights attorney representing at least 28 of Bill Cosby’s alleged sexual assault victims, to represent her as she speaks out about the experience so other girls won’t have to go through it, The Cut reports.

And now, according to a statement obtained by TMZ, Tyga is applauding her for standing up to OK!. He says there was nothing inappropriate about the messages he sent her — all he wanted was to see if they could work together on a musical project, he says.

Molly apparently isn’t seeing it that way, though. At a press conference, she claimed that Tyga sent her direct messages on Instagram. She figured he was interested in her music at first, but after he asked to FaceTime her three times, she started to feel uncomfortable, she said.

“Because of my discomfort with why he wanted to communicate with me I quickly stopped responding to him,” she said at a press conference. “It’s crazy how so much can come out of nothing.”

But she and her team seem angriest of all with OK! Magazine, the outlet that originally reported the story.

According to Molly, OK! made the DMs out to sound much steamier than they allegedly were.

Teen Tyga DM'ed Hires Cosby LawyerPlus, check out OK! Magazine’s sorry excuse for a pixelated image of Molly on the cover. It’s no surprise that she’s saying people recognized her and then tormented her online.

“Even though [OK!] pixelated my face and did not use my name, a lot of people could tell it was me,” she said at the press conference on Monday.

OK! also reported that Tyga’s DMs with Molly had caused a breakup between him and his girlfriend, Kylie Jenner. The magazine wrote that Tyga was “definitely trying to hook up with [Molly], and she’s flattered.”

“She thinks it’s exciting,” OK!’s coverage continued, as quoted by the New York Daily News. “He keeps telling her how beautiful she is and how he can’t wait to hang out with her. It’s a lot of attention for a girl her age, and she’s clearly enjoying it.”

But Molly, her mother, and Allred all deny that any “hooking up” went on.

“Hooking up?” Allred reportedly said. “This should not even be a question for a 14-year-old girl.”

Not to mention, they claim that OK! never contacted any of them for comment or the rights to use Molly’s image. Molly says she doesn’t even know how OK! would have seen any messages exchanged between her and Tyga.

And now Tyga has also jumped on that bandwagon, saying OK! exaggerated the story.

Allred hasn’t said that the family will sue, although they are requesting an apology from OK! — not that the magazine is going to back down. A rep from the weekly tabloid said in a statement, “OK! stands by our reporting and the hard work and journalistic integrity of our editors.”

Meanwhile, judging by Kylie Jenner’s Snapchats, she’s not losing too much sleep over it.

Check out TMZ’s video of the press conference below.

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