Watch Kim & Kourtney’s First Reality TV Appearance From 2005

Once upon a time in 2005, when popped polos and Juicy Couture reigned supreme, two young women named Kimberly and Kourtney Kardashian got their first taste of reality TV stardom.

And it’s all thanks to their now significantly less famous half-brother Brody Jenner.

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Back in 2005, Brody Jenner and his BFF Spencer Pratt – yes, that Spencer Pratt – had a short-lived reality series on Fox – yes, really – called “The Princes of Malibu.”

And when we say short-lived, we mean Fox bought six episodes and only ended up airing two of them, which just seems wrong since the title sequence for the show is literal art.

Maybe it was because one day after the show premiered, David Foster, Brody’s stepdad who also happens to be the reason why the Hadids and the Kardashians are related – David was married to Linda Thomspon who was previously married to Caitlyn when Caitlyn was still Bruce, and then he went on to marry Gigi and Bella’s mom Yolanda – filed for divorce from his then-wife.

But anyway, who really cares why it ended, because it still served as the launching pad for the first family of reality TV.

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On a recent episode of the extraordinarily informative and LOL podcast Who? Weekly, Spencer Pratt regaled listeners with the tale of what it was like to watch Kim and Kourtney get their first glimpse of fame.

“You see Kim and Kourtney’s eyes – their first appearance on reality television – you see their eyes just sparkling,” Spencer recalled. “That night in Malibu at the pool party, you could just feel, they’re like, ‘This is us.’”

Maybe you just had to be there though, because when I saw Kim and Kourtney’s eyes during that episode, they didn’t look sparkling.

Well, Kim’s did, but Kourtney looked like you couldn’t pay her $20 to stay at that party for another minute.


Don’t they just look precious?

And isn’t Kourtney’s top hideous?

Anyway, in just two short years, Kim and Kourtney would go on to have a reality TV show of their own and unlike their half-brother’s show, it’s still airing today.

See, fairy tales really do come true.

Watch history in the making below:

[H/T Who? Weekly]

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