The Kardashians Have an Inexplicable Obsession with Snapple

If you look through the Kardashians’ fridges (or read our post about it), there’s one thing almost all of them have in common: a whole lot of Snapple.

In fact, Kim Kardashian has been so vocal about her love of Snapple, the company just re-branded Kim’s favorite flavor — Diet Peach Snapple — as Kim’s Peach Royal Tea.

So, what is it that’s so random about the Kardashians’ Snapple obsession? Let’s take a walk down memory lane.

If you grew up in the 90s, Snapple was just about the coolest drink you could be seen drinking no matter how old you were. The Regina George of your middle school was probably never without a diet Snapple by her side.

If you were an adult, you were into the beverage because it was featured on TV shows like Seinfeld and movies like Sleepless in Seattle — without Snapple having to pay for the advertisement, by the way — and if you were a kid, you were into it because it’s what all the adults were drinking.

And okay, all those fun facts on the lids — some of which weren’t even true — didn’t hurt either.

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By 1994, Snapple was making just shy of $2 billion in sales and even though its popularity would slowly wane for the next two decades, they kept one very high profile set of fans: the Kardashians-Jenners.

While the Kardashian Klan likely grew up as Snapple devotees, it wasn’t until 2014 when the family started to go public with its adoration.

On July 28, 2014, Kylie Jenner broke the seal by confessing her love of Diet Peach Snapple on Twitter.

Captioning a photo of five bottles of partially consumed Snapples, Kylie wrote, “It’s an issue.”

Next month, Kylie told Harper’s Bazaar, “I love Kiwi Strawberry Snapple,” and in October, when when MyDomaine went over to Kris Jenner’s house to do a photoshoot of her kitchen, they noted that her fridge was stocked with two flavors of the beverage, one of which you can clearly see here is Kylie’s favorite flavor, which makes sense seeing as Kylie was still living in Kris’s house at the time.

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In 2015, Khloe joined the fold, confirming on her app that she kept a stock of Diet Snapple Raspberry Iced Tea in her fridge at all times.

And in 2016, the most famous of the Kardashian siblings finally caught the Snapple fever.

Kim loved the drink so much she tweeted about it:

She also told People magazine, “I am literally obsessed with Snapple’s Diet Peach Tea.It’s so refreshing and perfect during this hot summer!”

And even her friends tweeted about the depths of Kim’s obsession:

In fact, at this point, the Kardashians’ love of the drink was so entrenched in their brand, the drink even made its way into Season 12, Episode 6 of Keeping up With the Kardashians.

On an episode entitled “The Kardashian Curse” — which refers to a sexist claim that any man who dates the Kardashians is doomed — Kris tells Khloé she’s making plans for her Khlo and Kourtney “to go to Napa for a day of wine testing” and Khloé responds, “Okay, I think you’ve had too much diet Snapple.”

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Of course, it’s entirely possible the Kardashians always have so much Snapple around because the company sends them hella free shit — they probably do — but we’re pretty sure the Kardashians aren’t actually getting paid to drink the stuff.

If they were, the shoutouts would be much more visible and would almost definitely be taking place on Instagram, where the Kardashians would be forced to caption the posts #Ad.

Free shit or no though, one thing is crystal clear: the Kardashian-Jenner clan really loves their Snapple products.


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