Kim Kardashian Just Snapchatted Her Pregnancy Scare

Periods are fickle beasts. Sometimes they start too early, sometimes they hurt like hell, and sometimes they start so late you can’t help but wonder whether or not you somehow got pregnant.

Yesterday, Kim Kardashian had one of those “OMG I think I’m pregnant” moments while she was at the airport in L.A.

And while most of us probably would have waited until we got home or wherever we were flying to figure out whether we were tripping or actually with child, Kim just couldn’t spend another hour worrying about it.

So she bought 6 pregnancy tests at the airport, and decided to document the whole ordeal on Snapchat.  

Because after all, pics or it didn’t happen.

In the first Snapchat of Kim’s pregnancy scare, she shared an image of 3 different pregnancy test packets with the very appropriate caption, “panic attack.”


Next, she shared a video of herself getting ready to take the tests in the airplane bathroom… mid-flight. 

“I’m legit in the airplane bathroom taking a pregnancy test because I’m having a little bit of a scare, so no big deal,” she said.

And you know what? It did turn out to be no big deal, because in the last Snapchat, Clear Blue let Kim know that she’s not pregnant after all. Just late AF.

Well, we’re guessing on that last part, but why else would Kim be having a little bit of a scare?


We also learned that Kim took off her bleach-splattered pants and folded them before she took the pregnancy tests, which means she also probably made some 45-year-old woman wait at least 10 minutes for the bathroom.

Still, at least Kim’s not pregnant, right?

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