It Might Be Legal to Treat Period Cramps With Weed Soon in New Jersey

New Jersey is about to become a way more chill place to live thanks to a bill that would add menstrual cramps to the list of ailments that can legally be treated with marijuana.

Medical marijuana is currently legal in NJ, but the list of conditions that can be treated with weed is short. Adding menstrual cramps to that list would not only benefit women, but would also result in the state collecting more tax dollars from sales of the medical marijuana. At least, that’s what the state assembly members trying to pass this bill say, according to Hoboken Patch.

For us, it’s just one more reason to move back to New Jersey. They’ve got great Italian food, lots of crazy people, lower rent than NYC, and also Whoopi Goldberg lives there — yes, the same Whoopi Goldberg who is inventing a magical marijuana medicine for period cramps.

Crazy how things come full circle like that! New Jersey is truly a magical place.

[H/T Glamour]

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