Kendall Jenner Just Came Out of Social Media Hiding

Earlier today Kendall Jenner came out of social media hiding and unlike Caitlyn and Kourtney, she didn’t waste any characters making some kind of statement on Kim.

Instead, she showed off the “low key look” she just happened to throw together that morning on her way to sit in the car while her assistant bought her a full-gluten bagel, or whatever it is that Kendall does in the mornings.

low key look

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Was that selfish of her?

Not really.

To be honest, until the cops figure out who did it, there’s not much more to say about the robbery that hasn’t been rehashed in hundreds of think pieces anyway.

Besides, when has Kendall ever been the touchy feely one in the family?

The best way to move forward is just to do that: move forward.

There’s a reason why Kendall is Kris’s favorite child.

selfies with fans 💚

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