Kendall Went to Cara Delevingne’s Movie Premiere But T-Swift Skipped It

Friendship isn’t ever a competition, unless you’re a member of two different friend groups fronted by women who are sworn, bitter rivals

Then it sort of is a competition, or at the very least, it’s a tug-of-war.

On Monday night, Cara Delevingne’s beautiful, but confusing-looking movie called Valerian And the City of a Thousand Planets had a premiere for a new trailer in Los Angeles and while one of Cara’s famous BFFs was there, one was noticeably absent.

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Kendall and Cara haven’t been hanging out so much in the past year but their friendship is so legendary it even has its own very creative nickname: CaKe.

Get it – for Cara and Kendall.

Seriously, how did they come up with that?

So obviously when it came time for her bestie’s movie to premiere, Kendall was there – especially because the premiere was in LA and that would require minimal effort on Kendall’s part, which is the foundation of every great, lasting friendship.

Although Kendall and Cara didn’t end up posing together on the red carpet, Kendall had the curtesy to show up wearing something that didn’t upstage Cara’s outfit, which at first glance looks like a sexed up Chanel tweed, but is actually from Alexandre Vauthier’s Fall 2017 collection.

#caradelevingne in #alexandrevauthier 👍🏻or👎🏻?

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Afterwards, they made meat-heavy pizza together in what looks to be the kitchen of an actual restaurant.

‪Kendall via Cara Delevingne’s Instagram Stories‬ – #kendalljenner #cake

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And where was Taylor Swift while Kendall was swooping in and winning all the friend points?

Holed up in New York in a self-imposed exile, that’s where!

Now for all we know, Taylor will be at the actual New York screening of her BFF’s latest movie, but then again, maybe she’ll decide it’s not important enough to come out of hiding for.

Better watch out, Taylor.

Just because you’re laying low doesn’t mean Kendall is.

Update: It turns out Cara’s movie wasn’t actually having a premiere, it was just having a very public unveiling for a new trailer for the movie. Which means Kendall is an extra good friend for showing up but definitely explains why Taylor took a hard pass on it.

The article has been updated to reflect that.

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