Kellyanne Conway Defended Her Inauguration Outfit by Mocking Yoga Pants

Kellyanne Conway — Donald Trump’s former campaign manager and current adviser/spokesperson —  bizarrely ended up defending her inauguration outfit by roasting yoga pants.

If you’ll remember, on Inauguration Day, Kellyanne wore an incredibly extra red, white, blue and cat-buttoned jacket.

It cost $3,600, was somehow designed by Gucci, and was universally ridiculed by everybody who wasn’t Kellyanne Conway.

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But rather than apologize for wearing something ridiculously over-the-top, Kellyanne decided to employ some alternative facts and come after yoga pants.

In an interview with Hollywood Reporter, she defended her outfit choice saying she was “sorry to offend the black-stretch-pants wearing women of America with a little color.”


That’s why everybody was talking about your outfit on social media.

It wasn’t because you looked like you were wearing a Halloween costume, it was because they would rather have seen you in gym clothes.


[H/T Vogue]

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