Kelly Ripa Returns To Give ‘Live‘ The Boss B*tch Treatment

Kelly Ripa made her triumphant return to “Live” today and commanded the studio’s attention for a four-minute-long monologue about what’s gone down in the past week, like the boss ass b*tch she is.

“I needed a couple of days to gather my thoughts,” began Ripa. “After 26 years with this company I earned the right. And let’s be honest, I know half of you called in sick to be here, so we get each other.”

She added that the time away from the show not only gave her perspective on the controversy, but also “started a greater conversation about communication, consideration and, most importantly, respect in [the] workplace.”

Graciously, she ended by congratulating Michael Strahan, which is a far cry from the diva behavior outlets like TMZ  were accusing Ripa of. 

Since we’re on the subject, let’s get one thing straight right now: Kelly Ripa isn’t a diva for taking a leave of absence from her show in the wake of learning that her co-host Michael Strahan was leaving for “Good Morning America” minutes before the public did, she’s a boss.

The show Ripa had been with and been the face of for 26 years made a big decision without consulting her first. They told her as an afterthought, which sent the message that she was an afterthought.  

Obviously, she was upset, and understandably so.

In fact, it was basically the same thing that had happened to her in 2011 when she found out her then-co-host Regis Philbin was leaving 20 minutes before he announced it on-air. 

So Ripa decided that she wasn’t going to do the show on Wednesday. Or Thursday. Or Friday. Or even the next Monday.   

It was a clear message to all the executives who screwed her over: “Don’t fuck with me and expect the show to go on business as usual.”

She stayed away until she got what she needed: an apology from the executives.

And then she came back to the show, delivered a kick-ass monologue addressing the controversy and got back to doing her job, because that’s what bosses do. 

Honestly, it reminds us of what went down between Pamela Anderson and the Baywatch reboot.

Baywatch wanted Pamela to be in the film, but they only offered to pay her “half of what they would pay me for an episodic thing.” Understandably, Pamela felt like that kind of offer wasn’t respectful for an actress who helped make a TV series into an iconic TV series.

So Pamela walked away until Baywatch offered her what she needed, and then she gladly agreed to do the movie and was undoubtably a professional on set. 

On the other hand, a diva move is when Mariah Carey stops a show because the fans aren’t blowing properly and she just can’t perform if her hair doesn’t look properly windblown.

On behalf of boss b*tches everywhere, we salute you Kelly. 

Keep standing up for yourself.

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