[LISTEN]: Kehlani Is Back With Beautiful New Track ’24/7′

R&B singer and 4/20 expert Kehlani just released her first new single after attempting to commit suicide in the end of March.  

The song is called “24/7” and its lyrics appear to reflect some of the drama and negativity that were surrounding Kehlani’s life on that night, while also offering an alternative to the darkness: a promise not to judge somebody for not being okay, because everybody’s been there at some point in their life. 

After all, as the hook goes, “I don’t know nobody who thinks they’re somebody 24/7 / I don’t know nobody who smiles at everybody 24/7.”

“24/7” may not be the kind of song that gets you lifted on a Friday night, but it could be the kind of song that lifts you up when you need it the most.

Listen to the track below:

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