Katy Perry Would Like You to Know She’s Tasted “Cherry Pie” Wink Wink

Katy Perry famously kissed a girl and liked it, but did she also go down on a girl and like it?

Maybe. Maybe not.

Her words say, “yes, absolutely, yum yum pass the pussy, please,” but her actions say, “ewwwww, get that vagina away from me STAT.”

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When Katy Perry uses double entendres, she’s not one to go for subtlety.

In her new song “Bon Appetit,” KP brags that she’s got the world’s best cherry pie nestled between her thighs, and so a lot of her promotion for the song has centered around those warm, sticky, sweet cherry pies.

She’s asked her fans to send her pics of their cherry pies on social media, she’s given out her cherry pies out for free in Times Square, and over the weekend she told reporters she’s eaten cherry pie before.

Wink wink.

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On the red carpet for Wango Tango, Katy, who recently claimed to have started the conversation on sexual experimentation, was presented with a “fresh” cherry pie to take a taste of.

Cheekily, Katy responded, “this is not the first cherry pie I’ve gotten, or received, in life.”

Then, she proceeded to try a bite, but she thought it was really disgusting and spit it out immediately.

Truly the world could not have asked for a better representation of Katy Perry’s struggle with wokeness.

Time and time again she makes a big thing out of telling the world how woke she is, but when push comes to shove, she screws it up every darn time.

Like if she really wanted to show the world how down you were with eating cherry pie, Katy could at least have managed to swallow and then say something like, girl really needs to eat more pineapple, or something.

People would have laughed and the show would have gone on.

Oh well.

Guess there’s always next time, KP.

You’ll get it right eventually. Maybe.

[H/T Daily Mail]

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