Katy Perry Got Hacked And Tweeted At Taylor Swift ‘Miss You Baby’

Yesterday, while you were laying out by the pool in the white bikini the fashion world finally allowed you to wear, Katy Perry got hacked by a 1-day-old Twitter user from Romania who took the opportunity to try and patch things up between Perry and her arch nemesis Taylor Swift. 

Unfortunately, nobody was buying it, but then again, when your first tweet after hacking a celebrity is “haha follow @sw4ylol #hackersgonnahack,” you’re not really giving yourself a chance to succeed. 

While some people obviously saw through the ruse and decided they had better things to do with their Memorial Day, others were curious, clicked on @sw4ylol’s handle and were welcomed by a previously unreleased Katy Perry track called “Witness 1.3,” which may or may not have actually been legit. 

According to people who listened, the singer sounded an awful lot like Katy Perry, but it could have just as well been a computer program or Ariana Grande pulling a fast one on us all. 

Shortly after @sw4ylol posted the link, he/she posted a screenshot of an e-mail they got from SoundCloud after Universal Music Group had the track taken down, accompanied by one word: “Lol.”

In the meantime, the hacker made Katy Perry post a number of uncharacteristic tweets that have since been deleted, including one where Perry tried to patch things with her arch nemesis Taylor Swift by tweeting at her “miss you baby.” 


Sadly, by the time Katy Perry’s people realized what was going on and changed all of Perry’s passwords, Taylor Swift had yet to respond, so we’ll probably have to wait until T Swift’s next album to learn how she actually felt about it.  

Oh well, maybe we’ll get a Memorial Day miracle next year.

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