Kat Von D’s Pastel Goth Palette Is Perfect For Your Two Moods

You’ve definitely seen those “two moods” memes circulating the internet and totally identified with them.

Well, Kat Von D’s newest release is perfect for both of your moods.

The eyeshadow palette, which she previewed on her Instagram, is called Pastel Goth, and the packaging is fucking gorgeous.

Unfortunately, the packaging is all that we can see in the video, which promises that it’s “coming soon” with a hashtag.

Will they be matte eyeshadows? Sparkly ones? Will there be a black shadow included for the goth part of us to compliment all the pastels? Guess we’ll have to wait and find out, just like the thousands of fans that have commented on her post flipping their shit in suspense.

Hopefully she releases the palette soon, so you can buy it with your Christmas money before you spend it all on alcohol.

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