Is Kat Von D’s Red Lipstick Name Really That Bad?


Everyone is mad at everyone, or at least that’s how it feels right now. Who is getting judged today? Well, still Azaelia Banks (and probably for the rest of her life), but another bad bitch is getting scorched under the fire of the world – Kat Von D. For what? She has a lipstick called Underage Red, and the black hole we call the internet is not happy about it. Personally, I’m not offended. In fact, I am slightly confused as to who would take this so seriously (considering all the other bullshit in the world). But According to Business Insider, the offended feel as though the (clever?) name implies that young girls wearing it would try to be sexy, or that older women would want to look younger.

I mean, I GET IT! It’s insulting, but at the same time – if a young girl can’t wear it without being too sexy and an older woman can’t wear it without feeling like she’s too old, they could just buy a Nars lipstick or something. Perhaps I’m wrong, but one thing is for certain, Kat Von D feels a little guilty. She apparently tweeted and deleted, “At the end of the day, it’s just a f***ing lipstick.” I feel for her though, not to mention, MAC has a lipstick with the exact same title! What’s even more mind boggling is the fact that Kat Von D’s Underage has been sold in Sephora for over a year now. All I know is that I definitely have zero issues with a little controversy. Also, I would never even think to take a lipstick name personally or seriously. But alas, to each their own!


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