The Perfect Gifts For The Kardashian Junkies In Your Life

Maybe you think the Kardashians are a joke, maybe you pray that one day soon they’ll croak, or maybe you’re counting down the days until you get to give one of them a toke — but enough about you, let’s talk about the Kardashian-obsessed fangirl in your life.

Every friend group has one and here’s what you can get them that’ll really knock their socks off.


1. A choker that looks like a choker Kim K, butt goddess, has actually worn!!!!

You can buy your friend this:

Which looks a lot like this:


Imitation truly is the most expensive form of obsession.

2. A Kim Kardashian Crying Mug

Kim Kardashian makes a lot of faces, and most of them are pretty, except for her crying face, which is just a piece of art.

There’s this mug, which keeps it simple as basic as a slice of avocado toast:

This one, which is as arty as your friend who lives in Williamsburg on her daddy’s dime:

And this one is as trippy as your one friend who accidentally ate acid for breakfast.

No matter which one of these mugs you choose, you’ll have your friend crying…with happiness.

3. The Official Kylie Jenner 2017 Calendar

I’ve heard there’s a lot of underboob — you’re not gonna wanna miss it.

4. A piece of unofficial Kylie Jenner merch


5. A Kendall Jenner prayer candle

Kendall may or may not be a virgin IRL, but she sure is one on this candle!

6. Kim K Undies

For your BFF with delusions of thickness grandeur.

7. For the Khloe in your friends group

Your friend should be embarrassed to exist, so give her something she’ll be too embarrassed to actually put up in her apartment.

8. A Phone Case That’ll Bring All the Boys to the Yard

The Kardashians are always on their phones and chances are if your friend is obsessed with them, then she probably is too! And while your bestie probably already has a Kimoji phone case of her own, she definitely doesn’t have this bad boy.

And your friend’ll be the one who’s really crying when she drops her phone and the cute, but shitty phone case you bought her off Etsy fails to protect her phone from the force of the impact and it shatters into a million pieces the day after her Apple Care expires.

Enjoy this one while it lasts bb!

9. A hat that calls it like you see it.

Yeah, you said it.

10. Kim and Kylie “Before and After” Magnets

Plastic surgery is a miracle worker.

11. Kris Jenner DGAF Stickers

These stickers are 100% illegal and you 100% need them.

12. A Kimoji portable phone charger that’s also a butt

Because sometimes you just gotta get it in on the go.

13. A Lip Kit For Your One Friend Who’s Fake as Fuck

Just tell her Kylie Cosmetics was sold out, or something. Or don’t, just know that this gift will mean frenemy WAR.

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