Justin Quiles Shares The Ultimate Stay Home Reggaeton Playlist

Justin Quiles, he’s just like us. Well, sort of. 

The reggaeton artist and songwriter—who has written tracks for J Balvin, Natti Natasha, and Daddy Yankee— has been staying home, entertaining himself on social media, and learning new skills while stuck in quarantine. In his case, these skills include how to record himself from home—which means Justin can now make tracks all by himself (with or without pants on). 

Justin curated his ultimate Quarantine playlist for Galore and talked his latest tracks, his musical inspiration, and how he’s staying sane at home.

Tell us about your new track with Daddy Yankee and El Alfa? 

“PAM,” the new track with Daddy Yankee & El Alfa is something new, something fresh. It’s a new sound that I’m bringing to the table. I always wanted to collaborate with Daddy Yankee & this opportunity I think is major for my career and El Alfa too, bringing his flavor to the song. The song is already doing amazing just two weeks post release. It’s trending in over 12 countries (including being certified Platinum in Spain) with over 12 million streams and over 43 million views. We are charting on the radio, too! We bet big and we got ourselves a hit!

When did you first fall in love with music?

[When] I was 11 years old, I started writing a song I was doing and I just felt inspired and from there on. Music has been my forever love, my muse. So I would say I fell in love since I was a kid, since I was probably born, but the first time I wrote a song I think that was when this lifelong love affair began.

Who are some of your musical icons?

I’ll say obviously with this song, Daddy Yankee is one of them for sure. Wisin y Yandel and all these artists I grew up listening to when I was a kid. Zion & Lennox, Baby Rasta y Gringo, Tego Calderon, Don Omar, and on the American side 50 Cent, Eminen, Dr. Dre as a producer. Nas, Snoop Dogg, there are so many incredible people that inspired me and the music I make.  

Who is Justin Quiles, for those who don’t know you or what you are about? 

For those that don’t know about me, I’d describe my music starting with the tone of my voice. I think it’s unique, it’s different, that identifies me from a lot of artists. The Latin music industry is very saturated, especially in the Urban side. I think my voice is something key that separates me from the rest, and my songwriting. I always try to bring something different to the table, since the beginning of my career I’ve always liked to innovate. I was one of the first artists that had a one-shot video in the Latin scene, then I came out with a 3-D video—you move your phone and they can see the video. It was something new, I’m always coming up with new ideas creatively. I like to think outside the box, and now with “PAM I think it’s something refreshing, it’s a new sound that I’m bringing to the game. My music is a testament to that. 

How did The Avengers come about? Who came up with the name and the idea? 

It was all of us, we were just chillin, we were just relaxing in the studio making music, and we started bugging around. We were like, “Oh, we’re The Avengers because it was so many of us,” and then we came up with names. Lenny Tavarez is Thor, Sech is Hulk, I’m Captain America, Dalex is Iron Man, Dimelo Flow is ummm, I forgot…but yeah, we were just joking around and then it just became a reality. [We decided to] just make an album, we have so many songs together that we decided to make an album, and that’s how the concept came in. 

What collaborations do you have in the mix at the moment?

Well the current collab is pretty much a point of focus now. It’s such a banger! Also we are working on the 2nd album of The Avengers, so everybody can expect that soon. 

How has life been in quarantine and have you made dope beats and music while being home?

Life being in quarantine, man it’s something new. I learn something new everyday. I learned how to record myself, I think that was special to me, because now I don’t have to wait for anyone to get these things done. I can make my own songs now with no problem, I can record myself anytime that I want, so that’s something that I like that I learned in quarantine and has been a positive. I have written a lot of records in quarantine, I have recorded a lot of records—I already have like 35 songs in the books! I learn and I’m still learning and adapting. Also having fun on social media is keeping me sane. 

Who is the artist you feel everyone should look out for in 2020?

Everybody should keep an eye out on what new artists are coming big the rest of 2020. For me, I’m going to go with Mariah. She’s a new artist, dope girl who brings a lot of flavor, she’s got the anglo swag, the Miami swag, and then the Puerto Rican influence in the mix. If she keeps doing amazing music, she’s going to be the breakout talent this year. 


1) Pam – Justin Quiles 

2) Djnopare Remix – Justin Quiles 

3) Meduza – Jay Cortez 

4) Tusa – Karol G 

5) Rojo – J. BALVIN 

6) Porfa ft Feid – Justin Quiles 

7) Life is Good – Drake + Future 

8) Tra Tra Tra – Don Chezina 

9) Safaera – Bad Bunny 

10) Yo Voy a Llegar – Zion & Lennox 

11) Hay Algo en Ti – Zion & Lennox 

12) Gata Ganster – Don Omar 

13) Dile – Don Omar 

14) Rompe – Daddy Yankee

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