Uh Oh, Justin Bieber Skipped Sofia Richie’s 18th Birthday Party

Justin Bieber’s love life has gotten hella confusing these past couples of weeks.

Last week when he was in London, he was spotted going out almost every night with a British model named Bronte Blampied, even though he’d been getting cute and cuddly with Sofia Richie the week before in both California and Tokyo.

This week, even though Sofia Richie was photographed outside Justin’s house shortly after he touched down from London town, apparently unaffected by Justin’s time with Bronte, Justin wasn’t at either of Sofia’s 18th birthday parties.

He wasn’t at 1OAK at midnight on Wednesday morning when Sofia Richie allegedly grabbed a mic that was floating around, announced that it was her birthday and was given a cake in the shape of a giant Range Rover.

And he wasn’t at the Nice Guy later that night either, although to make matters nice and confusing, he did show up at the Doheny Room at the end of the night to take Sofia home.

While the obvious explanation for this is that Sofia Richie wanted to spend her birthday parties hanging out with her friends instead of making the evening all about her and her new boyfriend, it’s still kind of confusing.

Now can you please calm the fuck down and simplify your love life already, Justin?

I don’t know how much more of this our brains can take.

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