Justin’s Loving His Pity Party Too Much to Take Selena’s Calls

It’s hard to keep track of exactly what’s gone down between Justin and Selena over this past week, but to make a long story short, she said something about his new GF, he got upset, words were said, he deleted his Instagram, and she felt sorry enough about it to apologize on Snapchat.

But that wasn’t enough for her.

Selena allegedly wanted to apologize IRL, and she totally would have if only her f*ckboy ex hadn’t been too busy enjoying his pity party to answer her calls, which is sad for Selena, but not surprising in the slightest.

Although to be fair, from his side of things, Justin has a lot to be angry about.

A Justin Bieber source recently sat down and told TMZ that Selena has been calling Justin since Monday night, but he’s not taking her calls because he’s so hurt that not only did she bash his current relationship with Sofia, but Selena also insinuated that he cheated on her while they were together in front of the entire Internet.

Apparently, Justin feels like Selena is refusing to let go of him and is always looking for ways to insert herself in his business, which is annoying seeing as he’s “very over her.”

Right, which is obviously why he felt the need to upload a picture of them kissing a few months ago. Because he’s over her and would never look for a way to insert himself in her business.

Makes sense.

This is all just one big mess that Justin Bieber totally exploited to get himself some attention.

Selena, we’re so sorry that you have to put up with him.


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