Jasmine Elizabeth knows all about being a radiant af momma

Being pregnant is having a major comeback (I swear Beyoncé is behind this). Not that the gorgeous gift of giving birth hasn’t always been in style, but you have to admit that it’s clear that more young people are diving into parenthood than ten years ago. 

Whatever the cause may be (Kylie? The job market? Mercury in retrograde? Who knows!), babies are popping out like crazy! And let’s be real, it’s giving all of us baby fever.

Well, blogger and influencer, Jasmine Elizabeth, must have been feeling those baby vibes, because she’s now pregnant (due any day now!) and glowing – only adding to the baby fever we already had.

We sat down with Jasmine to talk about being young and pregnant, and her many tips on how to stay positive, strong, and how to absorb all of that goddess energy she’s got! Check out the exclusive interview and photoshoot below!

1. Accept help!

You will have so much more support than you realize, so don’t be afraid to tell someone or ask for help.

2. Take care of yourself

In the beginning of your 1st Trimester physically and emotionally it may be tough because your body is completely changing but in the 2nd trimester it definitely gets better.

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I almost fainted once, so drinking water and staying hydrated is extremely important.

4. Stay calm

Stay as calm and as peaceful as you can (which can definitely be hard when your life is completely changing). It’s important to make sure your baby is calm and happy while he/she is in there!

5. Eat more vegetables!!!

Vegetables are very healthy for your baby as he/she is growing! Eat up your greens!

6. Take care of you

If you’re having a girl (like I am) get ready to give her all your beauty! My hair, skin, and nails are so much more brittle and dry than normal. Take vitamins or supplements or use special skincare to help with these effects. That way, you won’t feel so worn out!

7. Remember what this is all about

Know that you are not alone! You have beautiful life growing right inside of you.


Respect your sleep. Seriously. Get as much rest as you can! Sleep helps for a happier mommy and baby.

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9. Stretch marks aren’t the end of the world!

First of all, stretch marks aren’t the worst thing in the world – they are a beautiful reminder about the life you are carrying. Secondly, there are lots of ways to combat stretch marks if they are bothering you. My secret weapon for stretch marks is lathering shea butter on your skin and then applying coconut oil right on top! Just be prepared to be super greasy for at least the next hour, lol.

10. Watch your teeth

Floss more often than you normally would. It sounds weird, but it’s to keep your gums from bleeding a lot. Bleeding gums are normal totally during pregnancy, but flossing will help curb the bleeding.

11. Get a good doctor

Find a doctor that cares about YOU AND YOUR BABY! You will be around them a lot and will have to be trusting them with your baby’s life. Also, if you don’t have insurance or can’t afford to see a doctor, there are tons of free clinics.

So, definitely do some research and you will find one in your area. Check reviews, too. It’s okay to be picky, it’s you and your wonderful child in their care!

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12. Enjoyyyyyyy it

Above all things, take advantage of this time and enjoy the process. 9 months go by so fast. Talk to your baby, sing to your baby, and love her/him. Being pregnant is truly a blessing, no matter the age. Embrace motherhood!



Photos and styling by: Valheria Rocha

Assistant: Mckenzie Mann

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