Forget Elon Musk, Sofia Resing will take you to Mars with this 60s-inspired shoot

Sofia Resing is perhaps best known for her work as a swimsuit model — however, the designer and businesswoman wears a lot of hats.

Just recently, Resing had her debut showing at New York Fashion Week, showcasing Mery Playa by Sofia Resing, a swimsuit collection the model designed.

Though Resing is an incredible swimsuit model, she’s anything but one-note, and this intergalactic, retro-inspired shoot is some of her best work yet. Think Mad Men on Mars. Join us as we talk Fashion Week, Moschino, and what’s up next for the young trailblazer.

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How was Fashion Week? Did you have a favorite show? Which city is your fave for Fashion Month? 

Fashion Month was great, and very productive.

I really enjoyed walking ETAM show in Paris, as it happened to be on the day of my birthday, a lot of my friends also walked and with Cardi B performing it was like a big fun party. It was also my first season doing Milan Fashion Week, which I really enjoyed, but my favorite city is still charming Paris.

What inspired the shoot? How did it first come about?

This shoot was inspired by the Fall 2018 Moschino Campaign. With the models starring as an “Alien Nation,” Jeremy Scott creatively used vintage 60’s styling with details of space age future.

Then, Enrique Vega (Photographer/Creative Director) got together with Patricia Gloum (Film Maker/Director). They took the idea to a next level having me playing the roll of a “Miss Universe” (a real Miss of all galaxies) that married an earthly man, moves to Earth, start wearing earth designers and has to learn about life in our planet. They brilliantly called the story “Real Housewives of Pluto,” which in the story is my planet of origin.

How did you prep for Fashion Month? 

About a month before the shows I started working out 5 times a week, alternating between cardio and strength. I also slowed down on carbs and kept a healthy routine.

 How was it showing at NYFW? What were some things you learned as a designer?

Showing at NYFW was incredibly fulfilling as a professional in this industry, as I put myself on the complete 360 angle of things.

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I am constantly learning about manufacturing and finalizing a product, it is a giant world before it gets to the model to bring it to live and I am loving to be part of the whole process from start to finish.

We put on an incredible runway show as part of Style360 and it was beyond rewarding to see all the gorgeous girls to walk down the runway in designs that I had originally created in my mind.

 Did you ever think your swim line would be where it is now? 

I’ve always dreamt of having a swimsuit line and I am so thankful that Mery Racauchi brought me this opportunity, creating ‘Mery Playa by Sofia Resing’ was really a dream come true. Also I used to sketch clothes all my childhood, I was really good on drawing at school and it is so exciting to bring that back to my adult life.

What were some unexpected obstacles you faced in preparation?

Definitely time. There is never enough time (laughs) – the days before the show I was sleeping only a couple hours a night to finish all the model fittings and all other details from the soundtrack to logo gifs for the stage, from backstage access passes to front row guest list, etcetera.

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How did you go about casting for your show? 

Well it was my first time operating as a client and, to be honest, I really enjoyed talking to each girl, getting to know a little bit about each one, not just seeing them as mannequins but as beautiful human beings with great personalities. I wish the modeling industry would do more of that.

What are your plans coming up? What’s next for Mery Playa By Sofia Resing? 

We are developing a resort capsule collection for the end of the year festivities: stay tuned!


MODEL: Sofia Resing @ NY Models
FASHION STYLIST: Stacey Cunningham
MAKE UP ARTIST: Mykel Renner
HAIR STYLIST: ELSA using Oribe Hair Care
MANICURE: Evelyn Lim
POST PRODUCTION: Taisia Afanasieva

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