Ivanka Trump Is Ditching Her Fashion Label in Favor of Politics

In a turn of events no one suspected, both Ivanka Trump and her hubby Jared Kushner are leaving their current jobs and companies, and moving to Washington, D.C., so Jared can become President Donald Trump’s senior White House adviser.

Ivanka isn’t taking an official position in her father’s government, as that would be illegal. But it’s pretty safe to assume she’s leaving her businesses behind so she can be involved in at least an unofficial capacity. Either way, she and Jared will soon be one of the most powerful couples in Washington, if not the most powerful.

In November, Ivanka was allegedly appointed her dad’s executive committee, but there were concerns Trump might be committing nepotism, which means showing favoritism to friends and relatives by giving them official positions. And if you’re president, that’s illegal.

It’s seemingly not illegal, however, to have your son-in-law on your executive committee, so now Jared’s taking a position.

There have also been rumblings that Ivanka might serve as a surrogate First Lady for her dad.

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Ivanka is resigning from all of her jobs, including her executive vice president position at the Trump Organization and her self-titled fashion label. Jared, who is also a real estate developer like Trump, will resign from his family business and ownership of his newspaper The New York Observer. Both will also allegedly divest their assets, or sell off their portions of their companies.

Ivanka and Jared are basically on track to become one of the most powerful couple in Washington, and especially considering neither of them having any experience in politics, this is kind of crazy.

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